React JS Workshop - Project Component Library

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Learn how to create a component library for your React projects with React styleguidist.

Demo site:
Demo docs site:

While developing, you will learn:
- rule-of-thumb when designing and structuring your React components
- React hooks i.e. useState, useEffect
- React Context
- Compound Component pattern
- basics of accessibility consideration

Free (RM0)

Things to bring
- Your own laptop - this is a hands-on workshop.
- A fresh mind

This workshop assumes that you have experience with React (in work or as side project). Knowledge of React hooks API is not required as it will be covered in this workshop.

Who should attend this workshop
- Developer that is currently learning React, tried some write some side-project in it, and wish to understand how to create reusable React component
- Developer that is required to use ReactJS in their work, and wondering other better possible improvement to their React code
- Developer that has working experience in React, but doesn't have time to learn about the new React hooks API.

Who should NOT attend this workshop
- Developers that does not have any hands-on experience in React. Please register for next introduction class instead (probably in April).