Javascript: The React Parts

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An introduction to Javascript fundamentals and concepts that are commonly used when developing in React.

A common struggle of people learning React (or any frontend framework) is not just the framework itself, but also the Javascript features/syntaxes that are used when writing code in the framework, such as:

- syntactic sugar: template string, destructuring, spread operator, arrow function
- new features: block scope declaration (let and const), Array methods, ES modules, Promise
- advanced concepts in JS: closure, functional programming

It's like learning a subject in a foreign language - learning the subject is challenging by itself, and you have to fight your unfamiliarity with the language at the same time. For some people, the outcome for the struggle is good because eventually they learn two things at the same time, but for some of us, it's just too overwhelming that we give up on them.

This workshop aims to give you a more gentle entrance to modern JS frameworks, by teaching you the language first before teaching you the subject.

You Should Take This Workshop If
- you're interested to learn React
- you're learning React currently
- you're would like to learn about new Javascript features (ES2015)
- you're experienced React developer, but there are always some corner of React that you don't really get it, such as HOC or Render Props. Or you're actually confused when the word "closure" are being thrown around since Hook is introduced in React.

This workshop assumes you know basic Javascript, e.g.
- declares variables and assignes value to them
- declares function and invoke them
- basic data structure in Javascript, i.e. Object and Array
- Experience with React or modern Javascript framework is not required.

What to Bring
Your laptop that is able to connect to WiFi and browse Internet

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Seats are limited.

Note: Sorry to say that no-show will be banned in future workshops. It's not just about keeping your word, you're taking away the learning opportunity from another person.