How to React: An Introduction to React JS

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This course is an introduction to React JS.

It takes a problem-solving centered approach, whereby you're presented with a specific example, with the solution provided. Then, you're asked to apply the solution that you've just learnt to a different example.

## What You Will Learn

- Making sense of virtual DOM and reconciliation
- Core API of React (React component, useState, useEffect, and useRef hooks)
- common use cases when using React JS e.g. making api call, routing, testing, code splitting

## This Course will NOT Cover

- Basics of HTML, CSS, & Javascript
- React Class Component
- Advanced React Patterns e.g. Higher Order Components and Render Props
- Tooling to use with React, e.g. webpack, Babel, ESLint. We'll use Create React App to abstract away all the tooling.
- Redux
- Typescript/Flow

## Prerequisite

This course assumes that:

- you have at least basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS. If you know how to add a button element in a HTML and a script tag to make clicking the button do something interactive like a popup, then you're good to go.
- you have skim through the contents of the JavaScript: The React Parts course and familiar with all the concepts. The more familiar with the concepts of that course, the more you will absorb from this course. Links to the course:

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