What we're about

“The culmination of 20th-century scientific research was bringing together chemistry and biology in the discovery of DNA and mapping the genome...

...the next frontier is bringing together psychology and biology to map the mind.”

Eric Kandel, Nobel prize 2000


Who is this group for?
Everybody interested in how to use their brain better; how to think and feel better than they do now.
No matter whether your starting line is an inter-bank trading job with GS and you are looking to understand and remember more information faster than your competitors with diplomas from Ivy League type universities or you just want to learn how to get through your day without unnecessary stress or suffering from a mood imbalance.

So, in summary

...we are constantly going to the source of latest practical scientific information about our brains and bring it to our community. And all proceeds from our workshops, and other activities, are used to bring this information to more people. Nothing more, nothing less...It keeps us plenty busy. Trust us.

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