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What you know of Christianity through your local church might not completely embellish what God wants people to know of Himself and of His people as described in the Bible.

God created us human beings for the primary purpose of representing Himself (we were "made in His image"), but He gave us free will. Our going our own way (e.g. having our own conscience) caused God to revoke His presence and thus we are mortal beings. But He set us up for this failure with the solution in mind: Jesus. God Himself stooped down and came to us in the flesh and paid the consequence of our sin so that we can come blameless to Him again, and then He resurrected in the flesh and he (Jesus) lives today and is in Heaven, and He sent His spirit, the spirit of Christ, so that He can allow us to know Him intimately, right here, right now.

The institutional church (the organizational structure you've seen, including the churches and cathedrals near you and their paid clergy) are tools to represent His kingdom, but, being managed by people who often make it a business, they often stand in the way of us knowing Jesus directly and for that matter knowing each other directly as the body of Christ. But everyone has the freedom to know Him intimately, directly, because of Jesus. God wants people, thriving under the auspices of King Jesus, to be the church.

Our goal is to go back to what the Bible says and rediscover and obey all the New Testament scriptures that by otherwise ignoring them would hinder people from fully discovering and knowing God intimately and loving His people, whether praying for one another, healing, casting out demons, teaching and admonishing one another, everything. We will not be affiliating with any church organization that sets itself up above the head of Christ. Our meetup authorities are the Bible, the meeting hosts/coordinators, and God as He reveals Himself to participants. Our goal is to pursue Him, not ourselves or any organization's branding, but everyone is encouraged to return to their churches and shine. We may meet but will not solely meet online; we will also meet in houses and on the streets sharing Jesus to the world. We will not pretend that the Bible says things it does not say, like "spiritual gifts were just for the apostles in the time of the book of Acts". We will not deny anyone from exercising spiritual gifts, but we will adhere to 1 Corinthians 12-14 and all other related New Testament scripture for guidance. We will not follow the Old Testament law, rather we will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit who inspired that ancient law and the ancient prophecies.

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