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Via Skype: Personal 1h:15m Systemic & Family Constellations - Fridays Offer
Dear Knowing Field Explorers, Public awareness to the benefits of Systemic & Family Constellations work are gaining more and more momentum and yet many are not aware of the possibility or the way this work is done 'remotely'. This is an invitation to encounter and engage with this powerful work in one-to-one Skype sessions. In the years of offering remote therapy sessions I have developed tools and techniques that brings therapeutic depth and potent insights to clients in the comfort of their own home. I am glad to present an exclusive offer for the members of this group to experience the work at a reduced rate of £65 (from £85) for a 1h15m session. The Friday sessions will take place between 9am to 8pm, subject to availability and advance payment, it is offered to new clients only for the initial session. You may wish to read what people are saying about the work I offer at the Group Reviews segment: For booking a private session please RSVP here or email: [masked] What are Systemic Constellations ? The Systemic Constellations method is a unique and deep process of therapeutic exploration of the forces that move us in life. Such forces are often appearing as difficulties or a sense of stuckness in life, affecting our behaviour, relationships, career, health / wellbeing or even financial circumstances. This method provides a ‘map’ or a picture of one’s life as it is at present. It is a simple yet powerful way to explore entanglements and blockages in our personal life and in our family history. The method brings awareness and clarity into personal challenges by focusing the client on the root cause of such difficulties. Constellations provide an opening for a positive life shift and presents ways for deep healing processes to occur. What happens in a Constellations Skype session ? In Constellations work the ‘client’ is referred to as the ‘Issue Holder’*. The remote method uses Hypno-Constellations and other guided visualisation tools, sometimes combined with floor-markers to experience Representation of key people and events in the client’s life. Such representatives can be parents or other family members, partners, ex partners, colleagues etc. sometimes ‘abstract’ concepts such as an emotion, country of origin, religion or destiny are also represented. Why Does This Work ? Scientific research shows that the experiences of your ancestors can determine your behaviour today and affect future generations.** Recent scientific research into DNA reveals that a component named Epigenetic is embedding the effect of a traumatic experience by altering the genetic structure. It means that some of our behaviour patterns can be attributed to traumatic events in your family history. This notion has always been one of the guiding principles of Systemic / Constellations Therapy, a form of work that is dedicated to exposing and dealing with issues emerging from our family system. “It is only now that science is catching-up with what is evident in Systemic Constellations work and visible in each and every one of our therapy sessions; trauma in the family history directly affects future generations' behaviour" facilitator Illi Adato. * DNA research paper and news links: Discover - Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes ( ) BBC News - "Memories" pass between generations ( ) Facilitated by Illi Adato MA Lon. Inst. GQHP. Crt(HYP). Crt(COACH). - Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations ISCA Reg. | Hypnotherapy GHR & IHF Reg. | Tune-In Counselling | Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ | Looking forward to another moving experience,

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Meet with individuals to explore the Knowing Field through constellations. The Knowing Field refers to the fact that people in a (family) constellation can tap into "knowledge or facts" that belong to members of another system of which they don't have any previous information; the Knowning Field provides a way to uncover hidden dynamics that "bind" members of systems across generations, time and space. Family Constellations help to explore relational and energetic dynamics between members in family systems through the Knowing Field. It was discovered by Bert Hellinger in Germany and since then has been developed further by different facilitators. For instance, it is now applied in organization and leadership settings as well as business consulting (e.g. branding work, new product development). Through constellations it was found that members of a system (e.g. family) are connected to each other in mysterious ways, regardless of space, time and distance through a process of entanglement. The concept of entanglement refers to the way constellations show that members of a group (family, nation, organization etc) somehow resonate to unresolved "trauma" or unresolved injustice from a previous generation. This shows up in "repeated" failures and frustration in the lives of its "newer" members; transgenerational patterns emerge and "bind" a new generation to the suffering or "conscience" of a previous generation. Watch When a hidden dynamic is uncovered through a constellation, the dynamic of "blind love and loyalty" can be replaced by a "higher love"; one where new members don't have to live out the "fate" of another member of the system. This is achieved through rituals and healing sentences, including what was "missing or excluded". A systemic view of a situation requires facts about the members of the group, especially unusual events. Phenomenology is the way dynamics are uncovered, hence subjective viewpoints are less important than the facts of the group and it's history with other groups. I graduated from a professional training and am now learning to practice systemic work in organizational and leadership settings. Leadership issues and organizations are also impacted by the Knowing Field; constellations help provide insight into any "entanglements" that hinder the effectiveness of a leader and the organizations they lead. This group is to bring together people who are interested in the Wisdom and knowledge of the Knowing Field. If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me. Listen to this interview by one of our organizers, John Payne, that explains how the Knowing Fields impact us and vice versa. ( ( Interview with John Payne himself about transgenerational healing through family constellations.

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