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We started this group as a way to get local photographers together to share their work, tips, advice, and more with other amateur and professional photographers. Whether you are a snapshooter or all out professional please join us. Share you images and the stories behind them. This group is for us all to enjoy so no bad mouthing allowed and please respect the values of all photographers. Most importantly have fun and please be active. We will have get togethers as often as we can and look forward to meeting each and every one of you. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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The Best Camera may be the one in your Pocket!

Roane State Community College

Free program hosted by the UT Arboretum in RSCC Oak Ridge, City Room, no advanced registration is required. Below text is from Facebook announcement. Doug Edlund, Assistant Director with UT Institute of Agriculture Marketing and Communications, shares his tips and tricks to get the most out of your smartphone photography-this class is for both Iphone and Android. From lighting to composition, Edlund shares his experiences to help you get the best results to make your digital photos stand out. With larger sensors, image stabilization and quality optics, today’s smartphones are capable of producing outstanding images, even when shooting in auto. Add the suite of image editing tools available in both the stock and third-party camera apps, and your creativity is unlimited. Smartphones are not just limited to still photography, they are also very capable video cameras. Many of today’s smartphones shoot 4K video and have been used in the production of a number of short films. Edlund’s presentation will also touch on how to shoot quality video and audio. “Ask any photographer what is their favorite camera and a number will respond with, ‘The one I have in my hand right now.’ By learning the correct techniques, your favorite camera may just be the one that’s with you all of the time,” Edlund explained.

February Foto Scavenger Hunt

Needs a location

Let's go find images that fit one or many of these listed items, and see how many different images we get for them.... Yes, you can go through your photo collection, but it would be fun way to get out and shoot! We set the date for early Feb and can go for a few weeks, but you should be able to upload images anytime after start date.... I think. No, the images do not have to be shot in Knoxville. A group photo (group of anything or anyone) A very relaxing place The biggest tree (should be fun with leaves gone) The funniest thing you can find Something that begins with the letter “M” Do exactly what the sign says (any sign can work) Catch your reflection or shadow in an unexpected way or place An unusual perspective Make yourself look really small Catalog pose The inside of something (nothing gross please!) An item that costs .99 cents or less (with price showing) Any sport or active game being played Something with wheels Something glittery Something yellow Candy Piece of jewelry Vehicle other than a car Romantic spot

Mardi Growl 2019 - 12th annual

Market Square and Krutch Park

Yes, another oldy but goody meetup! Usually very crowded and usually goes on rain or shine. High noon is often very contrasty and parking hard to arrange in pm. Let's shoot for earlier to include the parade ... and maybe take a mid-way lunch to get out of the sun this time. Young-Williams Animal Center is sponsoring the event, and they don’t want you to miss it! Thousands of spectators will line the streets of downtown Knoxville to watch hundreds of furry friends, many in costume, march with their humans to raise both awareness for the life-saving efforts of Young-Williams Animal Center and support for Knoxville’s pet-friendliest community. The pet parade steps off at 11 a.m. from Willow Avenue, winds through the Old City and down Gay Street before leading to a party on Market Square and Krutch Park.

Chalkwalk 2019

Market Square and Krutch Park

Chalk Walk is a street painting festival that turns Knoxville’s downtown sidewalks into a seemingly infinite canvas for the region’s most talented professional and student artists. Chalk Walk is our largest-community driven event, and is open to the public where novice and professional artists alike can apply for a space on historic Market Square to ‘chalk.’ Over 25,000 people attend this one-day event, and the winning artists are presented a ribbons and cash awards. Yes, we do this every year... It's an easy venue, although it gets VERY crowded and is usually hot, sometimes rainy. It's a full day, if you'd like to get there early to watch the artists at work .... we will meet in the afternoon when a lot of the artwork will be mostly completed. Maybe one of these years we can chalk a sidewalk of our own - any talented chalk folk out there?

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Hunting Fall Colors at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountain State Park

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