JuniorDevSG Code and Tell - Sep 2019

Junior Developers Singapore
Junior Developers Singapore
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WeWork 109 North Bridge Road (Funan)

109 North Bridge Road Level 4 · 싱가포르

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We are on Level 5. Guests will enter from Office Tower 1 along North Bridge Road through the turnstiles up to Level 5.

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WeWork 109 North Bridge Road (Funan)
109 North Bridge Road
Level 5

JuniorDev Code & Tell - A Night of Technical Talks & Coding

1) Linda Hsu
Topic: "Do You Need jQuery in 2019?"

Linda went to film school and has been making TV programmes look and sound good for more than 10 years. Last year, she stumbled upon freecodecamp.com and has been obsessed with learning web development ever since.

She is now attending a Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp at Trent Global College.


2) Liu Weiyuan
Topic: "Augmenting my own site with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)"

# Talk Description:
Inspired by sites, such as Reddit and Shopee, which has adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Weiyuan has converted parts of his own site to support AMP. He’ll share some tips on how he started and what he has done to change his site to support AMP, as well as the tools that are useful in validating AMP content.

# Bio:
Full stack engineer, Rakuten Viki, and Co-FYP sup at NUS. Also volunteers as an organiser with Google Cloud Platform User Group, which is an awesome group for learning and sharing about Google Cloud. He doesn't drink, but has a story on how he wrote an awesome piece of code while tipsy for the first time.


3) Sujin Lee
Topic: Exploring NDP Songs: Lyrics, Sounds, Emotion


Straits Times Graphics team published National Day Parade songs project to celebrate the 54th National Day Birthday at the end of June. Since 1984, 26 NDP (National Day Parade) songs were designed to help build Singapore’s national identity by covering various themes and music styles. In this project, three visual graphic types were used; bag-of-words table, radar chart, and scatter chart.

First, we found how NDP song lyrics have changed over the years using basic NLP techniques. Second, we looked inside audio feature information of each song by using Spotify API and visualized to the radar chart in order to compare old and remix versions. Lastly, inspired by Russell's circumplex model of emotion, we designed interactive and dynamic user music emotion chart.

In this talk, we will explore how the music emotion chart
was built with Vue.js mainly. Also, we will get a glimpse of how to extract sounds and lyrics information to enhance the visual story.

# Bio

Sujin is a web developer working on various types of interactive visual stories, data analysis & visualisations at the interactive graphics team, The Straits Times.


4) Seah Chin Ying
Topic: "Webassembly: A Gentle Introduction"

Webassembly : A Gentle Introduction

# Talk Description:
WebAssembly has been gaining increasing popularity since its inception, and is supported in most major browsers today. I made my first foray into WebAssembly a couple of months ago, and wish to share my learnings with everyone. In this talk I'll be walking through what WebAssembly is, its use cases, what it's good at, and its limitations. I'll also speak of my experience at attempting to port one of our older products to WebAssembly.

# Bio:
Chin Ying is a software engineer at Open Government Products. He maintains (1) data.gov.sg - an open repository for government data. (2) Beeline - a marketplace for crowdsourced bus services. (3) Vault - an internal government repository for data discovery and distribution.
He is a self taught web developer and believes in continuous learning.


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