Meet global friends with 2030_Special Language Exchange!!

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Language exchange and meet new friends ~~😊😄 The purpose of this meeting is to meet new friends and practice your language! Every foreigners and Korean friends who want learn language and make friends can join us!

Language exchange and Meet New Friends party is very exciting~~Every 19~39 Korean and foreigners can attend our party~ We get language exchange (3:00~5:30PM)and study with paper book and free talking~ After that we will have wonderful after party with beer and Chicken, Meat, Pizza etc ~~😉😉

Foreign friends can get free class from Korean friends easily~🤗🤗 After finish language exchange we will get after party with every Korean and foreign friends~ We can drink beer and wine, cocktail with chicken, meat, pizza,special dishes etc. Our dishes are changed every week. It is very funny and exciting party with so many friends ~~🎉🎉🎊

Even though you are new comer everybody will welcome you so much. Everybody can enjoy our happy party altogether!😎 Actually We are very happy mood~ And so many friends join every week~ Every Korean friends are so kind and funny and so on Foreign friends~~If you come first time, everybody will welcome you definitely~~🤗🤗🤗 We are volunteering group and we connected to disabled children center, orphanage and donate revenue!!

[Happy Event:] This is Happy Event period!! We prepare our wonderful meet up so long time! We provide renewed great study books every week!!! Many volunteer teachers ready for it! We lent our cafe with contraction! You can get great language exchange with global friends and make global friends! Our entry fee is just 5,000won and it is including great study book, lent cafe!! And 1 person 1 drinking, coffee is just 3,000 Won!!

We meet at the cafe Forest 3PM, 6PM every Saturday and 4PM every Sunday. Hongik station gate no 3-> turn left 10m->[cafe Forest] (it takes 10 seconds from station!!)

-It’s the video how to find our cafe it takes 10 seconds from station!

It’s our Videos you can see our group!!

-It's our facebook club you can see the picture!!!

[You can add friend and ask everything to manager Philip~ 😊😊 Cacaotalk ID: professorgo ,International call:[masked] Korean Tel:[masked] Philip]🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗