What we're about

Welcome to Kodiri, the most active coding group on the meetup platform in the world!

Do you have an idea and want to build a mobile app?

Would you like to break into the boiling dev market and enjoy its countless benefits? (exciting challenges, high salaries, remote working options, etc)?

Either way, I’d like to help you. I want to have a professional break to share the most advanced development techniques for mobile & desktop devices.

We'll host periodical meetups to talk about technology and digital business opportunities. We'll also host bootcamps to guide entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to make their digital dreams true!


About the founder:

"Hi! This is Ricardo Mallols. I'm a Software Engineer with 15+ years of professional coding experience. I've been working in the UK, Germany, Spain and Switzerland in finance and media industries, from small startups to transnational corporations.

I gave a talk at Google's international JavaScript conference in 2015, and more recently I've built the HSBC's Global Banking & Markets trading app.

I've organised multiple book clubs across different European countries, to learn different software and frameworks in a collaborative fashion"


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