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Open Startups Hackathon
Hello friends. This is a Kodo Startups event that we are calling a Startup Hackathon. In most hackathons, there is an emphasis placed on building the software app by a bunch of programmers in a quick and dirty manner. This event puts an emphasis on all four major areas of a startup; namely, ideation, team building, product life cycle, and a flexiable project management plan. Argi and Sonat are both cofounders of Kodo Startups, and focus on the implementation portion of software engineering known more commonly as programmers or coders or software developers. We are building our Kodo Startups brand awareness, and actively reaching out to people in order to create a Kodo Startups community of people who want to learn about what it takes to build a startup. Agenda: 1. Startup Founder(s) & Team Building. 2. Ideation: Brainstorming, Flushing Out A Startup Idea By Defining & Pre-Validating It. 3. Idea To Prototype. Start building the ISP (Initial Sufficient Product). What is commonly known in “Lean Startup” terms as an “MVP” (Minimal Viable Product) is and old and outdated idea that doesn’t even take into account competition. Whereas our ISP (Initial Sufficient Product) take into account competition, actual and potential, direct and indirect, and other key insights that the Lean Startup way doesn’t talk about. 4. The Value Advisors Add & Connecting With Advisors. We connect startup teams with the right advisors. Each team will consist of both technical & non-technical professionals. Ideally, 2 developers + 1 designer + 1 marketer & +1 product manager. All startups, and startup founders, that already have a start are welcome to come. Please feel free to bring your laptop, a notepad, and a pen. The event is FREE of charge. --------------------------------- Follow Our Founders Argi & Sonat on INSTAGRAM: Argi: @iamargi Sonat: @sonatugur KodoStartups: @kodo_startups --------------------------------- Visit us @ Enter Your Email Address There & We Will Notify You Of Our January 30, 2019 App Launch! ABOUT KODO STARTUPS: Kodo Startups provides the software tools for people to become successful startup founders. (Problem:) There is a lack of an ecosystem of software tools to support startups in order to go from idea to prototype launch. There is also a lack of understanding by founders on the actions that need to be taken in order for a startup to get funded by an investor. (Solution:) Kodo Startups provides startup founders with an ecosystem of software tools in order to create successful startups. By not only helping founders understand the actions that need to be taken in terms of doing the due diligence required to get funded by an investor, but also give people all the software tools that are needed in order to go from idea in a startup founder’s mind to a prototype launch and become a successful startup. --------------------------------- Follow Us: On Facebook: On Twitter: ---------------------------------

Los Feliz Village Coffee Bean

2081 Hillhurst Avenue · Los Angeles, CA

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