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Sharing is caring. We care about quality of our front-end. We care about connecting people with the passion to UX, JS and other web technologies.
We always wanted to share our experience with others and this is a reason why we decided to this.event.emit().

The first talk will be delivered by Piotr Franczyk:
"Angular Change Detection and Common Performance Pitfalls" [in Polish]

The talk is directed towards beginner/intermediate developers and is about multiple performance issues an Angular developer may come across. The focus is on understanding how the change detection works in Angular and how to leverage it for best performance.
Other topics will include issues related to browser rendering, RxJS and creating performant shared components. Some of the tips are not framework specific and can be useful for any front-end work.

The second talk will be delivered by Ilya Dmitriev:
"Error Handling 101 (How to not lose a client when you screw it up)" [in English]

The talk is focused on the handling API errors on the front-end side, but it could be also applied in any other client-facing area. In a perfect world, the user should never face your amazing error handling components. But, well, it still happens. I will share my experience on the ways how to provide straightforward feedback to the user if something goes wrong, ideally, walking the user through the ways how to fix all the errors.