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This meetup group is for people interested in practicing meditation through Kriya Yoga and ancient Indian music in Dubai. I am a trained and certified Kriya Yoga teacher from Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram, Mysore (www.dattapeetham.com).

I have been conducting classes in India since 2006 and in Dubai since July'09. The classes are now being conducted at Karama in Dubai. As of May'11 more than 250 people have taken the classes and enjoying the benefits of kriya yoga.

If you find it interesting, you could attend one of the scheduled classes or if you want to save your travelling, time and effort, you could organise a class at your convenient venue with a minimum of just 5 people.

In daily life, our mind is subjected to various pulls and pressures, thus complicating even simple decision making. As a consequence most of us without realising it, are actually leading a stressed, a bit confused and one-sided life, the effects of which are coming a full circle and leading to more confusion and stress. In such a situation, the practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation has been fetching a lot of benefit.

Kriya Yoga is an ancient yogic science, now revived by Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, India. It is is a scientific, step by step approach to first calm the mind and then increase its capacity.

Kriya Yoga involves certain physical and mental techniques which lead to an abilitiy to exercise control over one's own thoughts.

Kriya Yoga essentially works at three levels - Physical, Mental as well as Spiritual. Starting at a mental level, it gradually turns ON physical and spiritual well being. Kriya Yoga leads to immense calmness of mind, improved memory, concentration, positive outlook to life, a general efficiency in all our activities and enhances the self-esteem & confidence levels. Kriya Yoga helps to reduce weight, tone the body and makes you physically alert. Kriya Yoga is also known to cure a host of lifestyle diseases caused due to stress like diabetes and BP.

So, if you are seeking any or all of the above three key improvements in life – physical / mental /spiritual development, you are welcome to join us and utilise the the time tested, practical, safe and simple principles of Kriya Yoga to recharge, rejuvinate and rediscover your true SELF .

This however, is not a quick fix solution to life. It needs sustained, regular practice and thats where this meetup endeavours to provide a strong platform for helping one another in the process, by having group practice sessions.

Everyone agrees that yoga is a percfect natural antidote to a host of modern lifestyle dieseases. However few understand that yoga can mean DIFFERENT things in different contexts. The most common form of yoga is physical exercises called asanas. Kriya Yoga is taking yoga to the next higher level of dealing directly with the mind. As all actions have a seed in thoughts that originate in mind, Kriya Yoga arrests the wrong thoughts and cultivates the right ones at the seed level itself. It does include a few asanas too.

For MORE details on Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama and Music for Meditation and Healing refer the ABOUT & PHOTOS sections. And the best you can do is to attend a session with us.

Thanks for visiting and wishing the very best in all your noble endeavours.




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