• Reduce your Kubernetes Costs and save our Planet!

    Online event

    By this session, Alexander and Arash will present how they are building RSaaS and RDaaS, the Rancher Shared and Dedicated as a Service Solution with Auto Fleet Spotting on EKS with Terraform and some simple, but powerful shell scripts and how they have been able to reduce Kubernetes Costs by up to 90% in a large scale real world project on AWS EKS! Agenda: Cost savings in a real world project EKS Deployment with Terraform, EKSCTL, Pulumi, Rancher (a quick comparison) Autoscaling of Spot Instances in mixed groups Why Terraform? Code Walk-Through Help saving our Planet! Reduce Your Storage Costs with CNS / CAS and OpenEBS Get free access to RSaaS forever! Implement KaaS for your org or for your customers Bonus: Prometheus Operator and Blackbox Exporter More Info: https://kubernauts.de/en/kubernauts-kubernetes-services/rancher-shared-as-a-service.html Registration: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0qduypqz4rEt3lSGGUV0hnT8shzwXKYjrj The Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jjzAo2wZV_lMtecm-s2HEylT2Xg_GcbdkP-ysmWag8w/edit#slide=id.p4 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/184qUtrEp3WlXm21c7oquQpz9pCRFLrwtG9cRWljV82g/edit#slide=id.p1

  • AWS EKS Deployment Solutions with Autoscaling Spot Instances and Mixed Groups

    Save money and our planet! By this Kubernauts Online Meetup community members share their experience and knowledge about how they are running AWS EKS with support for Autoscaling of Spot Instances and mixed worker groups to reduce their K8s running costs by 70 - 90%. We'll cover great solutions like EKSCTL, Terraform AWS EKS, Pulumi, Rancher Terraform Provider and possibly other alternatives which leverage the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigm and DevSecOps best practices. We Love To Learn! If you'd like to share your experience and knowledge in this area, we'd love to learn from you. Speakers: * Francesco Gualazzi * Alexander Giesa 1st Talk by Francesco Gualazzi Autoscaling Kubernetes for fun and profit by Francesco Gualazzi The story of a PoC made by an SRE team that helped the management drive a decision on adopting the Cloud using AWS (narrator: it was a great success). - Motivations / Goals / Challenges - Practices: IaC, security by design - Technologies involved - Infrastructure details - Application cloud readiness - Results of the PoC 2nd Talk by Alexander Giesa How we are building RDaaS with Auto Fleet Spotting on EKS - Tarraforming - Cost Reduction by 75% in a real world project - Addons (Monitoring and Altering, EFS and Elastic Cache Automation) - Live Demo - Build your own KaaS solution

  • OpenShift vs. Rancher vs. Kubernetes V

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    By this Online Meetup we'll deploy the latest OpenShift, Rancher Server + RKE and Vanilla Kubernetes 1.17.x in the cloud, and / or on our local machines (bare-metal) THE RIGHT WAY and provide an independent view of these solutions by feature & capabilities, user friendliness and licensing + operational cost. Location: Online via zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/654988985 The Slides for this session (wip): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZyehmfpYbixGgELwr2HJrOnWZb8DGElwg-WoEI6lgA4 Timezone is CET! EST: 8:00 am CET: 3:00 pm IST: 6:30 pm

  • When your apps are Cloud Native, your Storage should be too

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    A deep dive into Cloud-Native Storage by Shantanu Deshpande Cloud-Native Storage Orchestrators for Kubernetes like Rook, OpenEBS, StorageOS and Portworx are on the rise, Shantanu will show us why and how to use them on your K8s Clusters and on Rancher Kubernetes Engine. About Shantanu Deshpande Shantanu is a Chaos Engineering lover and expert, a Cloud Native Researcher and Certified Kubernetes Administrator helping organisations to run Kubernetes in critical environments. He is the author of several blog posts and works currently on Rancher implementations and the TK8 development. Location: online via zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/895329510 Timezone: CET

  • Okteto: Move your development environments to Kubernetes

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    Kubernetes has made it very easy to deploy applications to the cloud at a higher scale than ever. Projects like Knative, Istio, Envoy and Open Policy Agents enable us to run applications at a very high scale, with incredibly complex network and access rules. But at the same time, they make it really hard to develop and test locally. This pain goes away if we develop our cloud-native applications directly in the cluster. In this talk, Ramiro from Okteto will explain the concept of cloud-native development, the benefits and challenges of this approach, the different tools available for this and how we implement it at @Okteto. Bio: Ramiro Berrelleza is one of the founders of Okteto. He has spent most of his career (and his free time) building cloud services and developer tools. Before starting Okteto, Ramiro was an Architect at Atlassian and a Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure. Originally from Mexico, he currently lives in San Francisco. Join via Zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/376531981 The time is 7:00 pm CET (German cold winter time :-))

  • Container Runtimes And Kubernetes

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    Problem: The Freedom of Choice Often we are lucky to have the freedom of choice, but this could become a chronic headache and turn to become a problem, at least if you've to deal with different container runtimes on different operating systems and different k8s distributions. By this online meetup Fahed Dorgaa sheds some light on Container Runtimes, the Container Runtime Interface, why to use a Container Runtime Interface, what is OCI, RUNC, RUNSC, CRI-O, Containerd, frakti, Kata, Docker, Podman, Buildah, gVisor, Skopeo, etc.. and talks about the relationship between Cri & Cni. By this talk Fahed will help us to get rid of a chronic k8s headache and choose the right container runtime solution for our daily work. Agenda What is a Container Runtime? What is a Container Runtime Interface? Why to use the Container Runtime Interface? What is the best Container Runtime solution? Cri & Cni About Fahed Dorgaa A passionate go-getter specialized in delivering technical solutions with a strong software engineering background and a recognized business acumen. I still enjoy the thrill of learning and am passionate about software architecture and buzzwords technologies. Everywhere! Join via Zoom and ask questions: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/526521988 View via YouTube: In case the number of attendees exceed our zoom limit, you should be hopefully able to view the session via YouTube livestream: https://youtu.be/nIrPReb-mfk

  • Cloud vs. Cloudless

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    By this Online Meetup we provide 2 sessions: By the first session, our friends by K8Spin will talk about awesome Managed Kubernetes services. But, what if you don’t want to worry about networking, storage, ingress, security... K8Spin fills in this gap and takes an additional step in order to provide developers and Kubernetes users with these features using a single button. Join us if you are interested in our journey from idea to a working solution and discover the benefits of a multi-tenant cluster. By the second session, the guys by Kubernauts and Clouds Sky will show how they are helping their clients to become Cloudless, the future of Cloud Computing with K8s, TK8 and our lovely Rancher! Join via zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/950675453 The time is 7:00 pm CEST!

  • Learn about K8s Studio

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    UxxU.io K8s Studio is a new IDE for Kubernetes. It provides a complete workspace with a rich tool set to administrate Kubernetes clusters. KS uses the power of data visualisation to give the user a 360 degrees view of the system and an interactive workbench to easily create and manage deployments. K8s Studio was developed by Guillermo Quiros, he founded UxxU.io in November 2018. He is a Software engineer, a solution architect, an expert in data visualisation and a DevOps wannabe! He created Kubernetes Studio after his experience and frustrations implementing Kubernetes the hard way on his bare metal setup. Guillermo loves creating, inventing, pushing the limits of technology, collaborating with like minded people to achieve epic goals and overall having fun doing all this! TIME: 6:00 PM CET! How to join? Via zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/335059794

  • KubeCologne Conference


    Be part of the first KubeCologne Conference on February 8th in Mediapark Cologne, learn and love Kubernetes®! Meet with experts and users alike to learn and share knowledge on your journey to enterprise-grade container platforms and CI/CD chains. This conference is ideal for decision makers, System Administrators and Developers – if you are Cloud Native or are planning to incorporate Cloud Native into your current IT environment, this conference is the place to be! For more information, please visit the conference website: https://kubecologne.io/en/index.html And order you ticket here: https://pretix.eu/kubecologne/2019/

  • CKA(D) Office Hours Weekly

    Center IO

    You can join our online meetups via Blackboard Collaborate: http://bit.ly/cka_kubernauts This is a weekly Online Meetup for CKA and CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Administrators and Application Developer) candidates who're going to take the CKA(D) exam in the next weeks/months and want to get help from more than 100 lovely CKA(D)s in our group. The purpose of this meetup is to prepare for the CKA(D) exam through our training guides and discuss anything which is needed to become a professional CKA(D) and learn from other lovely CKA(D)s in our group. P.S.: if you're not a member of the CKA(D)s channel in our Slack group, please feel free to ask for joining the CKA(D)s channel after joining our group via this self-invite link: https://kubernauts-slack-join.herokuapp.com/ The timezone is CET! Thanks kindly! #WeAreKubernauts