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Openshift is one of the best Opensource PaaS built on top of Kubernetes . This forum will meet and discuss about Openshift, Kubernetes and the technologies (docker, rkt, atomic..etc) around it. OpenShift V3 includes Docker and Kubernetes and adds value with security, software lifecycle management and service orchestation. If you would like to share or know more about these emerging technologies, join us!!

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Kubernetes 101: Hands-on session for beginners

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​​Kubernetes 101 hackathon ​​Target Audience: Beginners who want to learn Kubernetes. ​​Agenda: This will be a hands-on session where you will use Kubernetes, deploy applications, scale them and get a real feel of the system. ​​ ​​02.00 - Kubernetes intro - TBD ​​02.30 - Kubernetes Hands-on hackathon ​​03.30 - Break ​​03.50 - Kubernetes Hands-on hackathon ​​Course Material: We will follow guided exercises from https://www.katacoda.com/courses/kubernetes ​​Setup: Please come with minikube installation as well, this is just backup if Katacoda is not reliable enough for us. Katacoda has been a helpful platform but since it is free there is no CLA involved. As a backup please also install minikube on your host, for that follow instructions on https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube/#installation Topics and speaker: - Launch A Single Node Cluster - TBD - Deploy Containers Using Kubectl - TBD - Deploy Containers Using YAML - TBD - Deploy Guestbook Web App Example - TBD - Networking Introduction - TBD - Create Ingress Routing - TBD - Liveness and Readiness Healthchecks - TBD - Use Kubernetes To Manage Secrets And Passwords - TBD ​​Volunteers: If you know Kubernetes already please show up and help with people's queries and setup related queries, and since this is hands-on session people will have lot of queries so you can help them with it. Also follow exercices in https://www.katacoda.com/courses/kubernetes and come to meetup so you can help. ​​Notes: • RSVP as No if you are not attending, this helps us organize the facilities better • Please come with the setup, because it will save your time in the workshop and will also get us more things done.​​ • Contact Suraj Deshmukh[masked] or Aditya Konarde[masked]

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