Kubernetes 101: Hands-on session for beginners

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​​Kubernetes 101 hackathon

​​Target Audience:

Beginners who want to learn Kubernetes.


This will be a hands-on session where you will use Kubernetes, deploy applications, scale them and get a real feel of the system.
​​02.00 - Kubernetes intro - Prakash Mishra

​​02.30 - Kubernetes Hands-on hackathon

​​03.30 - Break

​​03.50 - Kubernetes Hands-on hackathon

​​Course Material:

We will follow guided exercises from https://www.katacoda.com/courses/kubernetes


4th Floor, Raheja Point, No-17/2-6, Opp to garuda Mall, Commissariat Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore[masked]https://goo.gl/maps/y8V89mB2LSR2

YouTube Live:


Please come with minikube installation as well, this is just backup if Katacoda is not reliable enough for us. Katacoda has been a helpful platform but since it is free there is no CLA involved. As a backup please also install minikube on your host, for that follow instructions on https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube/#installation

Topics and speaker:

- Launch A Single Node Cluster - Yeshwanth Reddy Karnatakam

- Deploy Containers Using Kubectl - Hrishikesh Shinde

- Deploy Containers Using YAML - Hrishikesh Shinde

- Deploy Guestbook Web App Example - Hrishikesh Shinde

- Networking Introduction - Jai Pradeesh

- Create Ingress Routing - Deepak Kumar

- Liveness and Readiness Healthchecks - Kanishk Godha

- Use Kubernetes To Manage Secrets And Passwords - Savita Ashture


If you know Kubernetes already please show up and help with people's queries and setup related queries, and since this is hands-on session people will have lot of queries so you can help them with it. Also follow exercices in https://www.katacoda.com/courses/kubernetes and come to meetup so you can help.


• RSVP as No if you are not attending, this helps us organize the facilities better
• Please come with the setup, because it will save your time in the workshop and will also get us more things done.​​
• Contact Suraj Deshmukh[masked] or Aditya Konarde[masked]