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What we’re about


We are so happy and exited to have you with us

This group will be moving in a slightly new and inspired direction, using Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation to create beautiful spaces where these technologies can be used to elevate consciousness, heal our bodies and reconnect to our higher self.

We will work with some beautiful minds and hearts to embark on a powerful and transformative spiritual journey with each other, so together we may expand our awareness, open our hearts and be elevated to higher frequencies 

The time is now to come together and reconnect with the infinite. The global awareness is shifting and we are called upon to work on ourselves, to be fully present, to share and to love. 

Thank you for joining us. Please enjoy the sessions we put on, if you would like to connect or share feel free to drop us an email. 

See you online very soon, and in real life sometime soon :)