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We practice training methods from Chinese internal martial arts (Taiji, Xinyi and Bagua) to build strength, agility for both fitness and martial arts (striking, wrestling, etc.). These methods include unique body mechanics drills for developing striking power. A typical practice involves resisted and un-resisted fundamental drills as well as reactive, dynamic partner drills for developing timing, distance, sensitivity and help drill the body mechanics as a reflex. Our group is open to anyone who is interested in learning and practicing unique physical training methods, gaining body awareness or interested in martial arts in general. We're not professional fighters but we love martial arts and sharing what we've learned with others!

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Shanxi Whip Stick Drills and Tang Shou Dao

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We'll go through a extensive warmup including stretches and strengthening exercises using the stick. Basic stick drills single and partner and then review and breakdown the form.

Past events (296)

Xinyi/Xingyi two man sets and partner drills

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