KWRuby May: "Sidekiq and Rails" by Alex Kirsopp and Bill Curtis

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Alex is going to review how to execute background jobs with Rails and [Sidekiq]( He will also include a comparison with DelayedJob, and his experiences using both systems.

And then, Bill will discuss how Smile Rewards uses Sidekiq's enterprise features to scale the Smile product without inventing the hard stuff.

[Alex Kirsopp]( is a tech enthusiast from Kitchener/Waterloo who loves working on projects that satisfy business and customer needs. He thinks keyboards are pretty cool too.

As a caffeine dependent life-form, [Bill Curtis]( can be found in his natural habitat migrating between cafes in KW. His work as CTO at [Smile]( has lead to a deep appreciation for building elegant web APIs and the art of scaling products while keeping the tech simple.


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