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Online Psychedelic and Entheogen Discussions (KWCG)

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Kindred S. and 2 others
Online Psychedelic and Entheogen Discussions (KWCG)


A safe place to discuss the past, present and future of psychedelics and entheogens. All are welcome to attend to learn more about psychedelics and entheogens, and to share your own experiences and knowledge.

Online Meeting Rules:

  1. Be respectful of others. To allow a safe and comfortable experience for everyone, please be courteous to each other, the hosts, and allow everyone a chance to participate. Do not dominate the conversation.

  2. Do not incriminate yourself. To facilitate safe discussion, extra care must be taken with sharing things online, and this especially includes video conferencing. Do not ask others questions which may inadvertently cause them to incriminate themselves.

  3. No sourcing illegal substances. Please do not request, or offer illegal substances to others, or information on how to acquire them. These meetings are for sharing information about plant medicines, as well as personal experiences.

  4. Do not offer your personal experience as authoritative advice to others. Everyone is different. Saying, “This worked for me”, is perfectly fine. Quoting or referring to a credible source is great.

  5. Do not use these meetings as a venue to advertise your services. If you are an experienced facilitator, psychedelic therapist, host ceremonies, or are otherwise able to offer relevant services, please speak to the host privately. You are also free to put such information into your personal profile.

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KWCG Psychedelic Society
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