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What we’re about

1. This group was organized in 2017 and it's for locals, foreigners to meet up, socialize and widen their social circle, in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

The main reason for our MeetUps: to network (about hobbies, our impressions about a week, our goals, events in Kyiv etc.)  in a friendly company and cozy atmosphere over delicious meal-tea-coffee etc. After that we can go for a walk if the weather is okay.

2. Usually we meet up in different places in Kyiv (cafes, restaurants, bars etc.) to have a chance to discover new places in the city and enjoy meal and drinks in a friendly company.

As a general rule, we meet up once every two weeks, on Saturdays, usually at 3 pm.
An announcement about the upcoming MeetUp appears 3-4 days before the event.

Please note: we do not have any additional groups on Facebook, Telegram etc. All MeetUps of this group are announced via this Meetup platform only.

3. The language of communication is English only, so locals have a great chance to improve their English language skills as well.

4. The membership in the group and participation in events currently are free of charge.

5. Members must post a photo of themselves on their profile in order to be recognized at the events.

6. Please only RSVP for events if you are able to attend and remove your name to «not going» soon as possible if you are unable to attend.
This will allow others on the waitlist to take your place.

To be late up to 30 minutes could be okay, but please inform the organiser about it.
To be late for 1 hour or more is not appropriate.

If you are on a waitlist please remember to keep checking. You will be moved to the «going» list automatically when someone cancels (you will be sent a notification so ensure that you switch them on!). 

After the registration I'll send to you a message via with details about the venue. Please check if your settings on this website allow you to receive messages and check them regularly.

IMPORTANT: please do not share the information about a venue with others for security purposes.

7. We are welcoming you as a members to join us and attend events if you are TOTALLY SUPPORT UKRAINE in this war and absolutely blame the russian aggression against Ukraine.
We do not provide any tolerance to those individuals who support alternative separatist naratives about the war in Ukraine.

By joining you agree to treat other members with respect and tolerance and to refrain from ALL FORMS OF NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR, such as:
- political provocations, separatism;
- humiliation, superior behaviour;
- intimidation, bullying, stalking;
- narcissistic, manipulative and aggressive behaviour;
- verbal, physical or written abuse and foul language, outrage.

There is zero tolerance for these behaviours.

Please note that if you do not abide by the rules your profile will be removed and you will be banned from rejoining.