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MySQL: Cloud vs Bare Metal, Performance and Reliability

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MySQL: Cloud vs Bare Metal, Performance and Reliability


7:00PM - Meet, Greet & Eat

7:30PM - Main Presentation

Followed by Q&A


We will be talking about planning MySQL infrastructure to run on SaaS vs Cloud vs good old bare metal. This will be an update to previous year's meetup ( with the focus on capacity planning and ways to grow up from single box to big cluster.

Highlights for this talk:
- Differences between RDS, EC2 and hardware in terms of MySQL capacity
- Performance tricks and possible bottlenecks, utilizing Percona
Server features.
- Diagnostics and performance reviews for MySQL on RDS and EC2 platforms


Vladimir ( has been helping people to scale their LAMP applications for more than 10 years, with a focus on performance optimization, architectural choices and deep knowledge of search and MySQL technologies. As a Blackbird engineer, he provides high-profile remote DBA operational support and performance tuning on large, distributed open source database platforms. In the past he was worked with
high-performance systems as a developer and team leader. In his off-duty time he enjoys traveling, bicycling and photography.

Want to know more about Vlad?
@vfedorkov (
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Blackbird ( (formerly PalominoDB)

PalominoDB and DriveDev, two of the industry's premier DevOps and database companies, joined forces in January 2014 to become Blackbird. Founded on a shared vision of creating products and services that enable companies to deliver value to their customers, we help our partners by taking advantage of agile development and processes to create velocity and scale.

Blackbird works with you to remove scalability bottlenecks, reduce manual effort, and create new capabilities that maximize velocity. We define the objectives and scope for a tailored plan with consultations, migrations, audits, robust data and database services, and DevOps essentials. We integrate with your teams throughout the synchronization processes, and provide you with a fixed-plan cost for completion. Blackbird takes a great amount of care to set up your business for the results you want, and even identify unrealized opportunities.


Blackbird ( is setting us up with food and beverages so that we don't listen to a great talk on an empty stomach :D


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