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LA Nerd Social is a group based in LA's Valley for fans of scifi, fantasy, tabletop & video games, steam & cyberpunk, cosplay, Rennisance Faires, science, technology, comic books, or anything else nerd/geek who enjoys eating good food, and meeting new people! Whether you're looking for more people to begin a new DnD adventure, start up a new cosplay group, or just make new friends, please join us!

1. Because this meetup will sometimes take place at bars, you must be 21+ to join.

2. We ask that you post a current photo so others can identify you at events. Your request will not be approved if you don't have a real photo of yourself posted.

3. If there is one, please be respectful of the attendee limit. Indoor events may have a limit depending on the venue. There will always be more events :) (This also extends to plus ones - if guests are welcome, it will be included the event info near the RSVP limit. If there isn't one, please do not bring extras.)

4. Please change your RSVP online if you can't make it no later than 24 hours before the event. Cancelations after that will count as a "no show" and are subject to rule #5 (sudden illness and emergencies excluded, but please message me to let me know).

5. 3 strike rule - if you RSVP and don't show 3 times, you're out. Most events have an attendee limit due to being indoors and if you RSVP and don't show, someone else misses out. It's also rude to the venue who set up a place for us.

6. We reserve the right to remove members who don't show courtesy to others.

7. Most importantly: do NOT drink and drive. The group is not responsible or liable for you. If you cannot get home safely for any reason, let us know and we'll happily help you get a cab.

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