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Calling all lady developers and women in tech! LaDev is a welcoming space where we hope you will find networking opportunities, learning opportunities through various speakers and support to take your careers to a new level. All skill levels are welcome. Volunteers for speakers encouraged.

**Although this meetup is targeting women in tech, we welcome anyone in tech willing to support our mission.

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Build a Search Engine with JavaScript: Part 1 | Cortney Thomas

Want to build a JavaScript website but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place! This workshop is the first of a two-part, tutorial-style series that will show you how to build a book search engine using Google's Bookshelf API. In this first session, we will work on structuring the HTML and CSS for our site. Then, in Part 2 we will add all the good, juicy JavaScript that will make it interactive. *****If you would like to code along, please bring your own laptop***** Experience Required: None! This will be a basic walk-through for people of all experience levels. About the Speaker: Cortney is a software engineer at RokkinCat, based out of Milwaukee. She is a LaDev co-organizer who is passionate about user-experience and efficient web-design.

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