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This group offers a place to discuss functional programming in all its forms. There are a number of groups around Cologne discussing specific languages, so instead of creating a group focussing on yet another language, we want to discuss, learn, and teach about the merits and pitfalls of the functional paradigm in a broader scope.

You want to discuss functional programming techniques in your favorite programming language? Go for it!

You would like to introduce people to Haskell, Idris, OCaml or another functional language? Great!

Regardless of whether you're a newcomer to functional programming or an expert who dreams in Haskell, we provide a place for everybody to learn and teach.

We will try to host meetups regularly around Cologne. If you're interested in hosting a meetup at your company please get in touch!

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λ(2): A Glimpse into Clojure and Elixir

Studitemps Köln - Zentrale

Join us for the second Lambda Cologne event! A big thank you to Studitemps who will be our host! Agenda: - 18:00 Welcome and get-together with drinks and snacks - 18:30 Talk 1 - A Sip of Elixir (Introduction) - ~18:55 Talk 2 - Phoenix LiveView State Management with LiveEx - ~19:20 Short break - ~19:30 Talk 3 - Clojure - Functional programming with a modern Lisp - ~20:30 End of talks Afterwards you're welcome to stick around and socialize. --- "A Sip of Elixir" by Sascha Wolf During his career Sascha dabbled with a lot of things: over "classic" Java development, to crafting mobile and responsive web apps, over to building large scalable and resilient backend systems. For the past two years Elixir has been his language of choice for building aforementioned backend systems. This talk aims to provide a glimpse into how Elixir came to be, what problems it tries to solve and how it solves them. Using concrete examples it will introduce the basic syntactic building blocks of the language and higher-level patterns defining applications built with Elixir. After all this you should have a basic understanding on what makes Elixir tick and why it's a pleasure to use. --- "Phoenix LiveView State Management with LiveEx" by Peter Ullrich Peter is a software engineer at Studitemps. He likes to share his knowlegde (PyCon Sweden, PyCon Namibia) and loves working with Elixir and Phoenix. Phoenix LiveView brings the power of a server-rendered SPA to the Elixir ecosystem. But with great power comes great state management difficulty. This talk introduces LiveEx, a library aiming to simplify state management in Phoenix LiveView using the Flux pattern. --- "Clojure - Functional programming with a modern Lisp" by Falko Riemenschneider Falko joined doctronic in 2015 in an effort to modernize their technology stack using Clojure and ClojureScript. In his function as lead software architect he since had the opportunity to oversee numerous customer projects taking advantage of the benefits these languages offer. In addition to that the doctronic team organizes the Clojure User Group Bonn (http://cugb.de/) and the annual conference :clojureD in Berlin (https://clojured.de/). Falko will present the design philosophy of Clojure before showing us a number of examples of what makes this language so exciting.

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