What we're about

Welcome to λRuby (Lambda Ruby)!

λRuby is a reincarnation of bentonville.rb founded by Brad Cantin in 2011 for Rubyists in Northwest Arkansas. We are a group that meets to discuss interesting topics related to the Ruby programming language. That might be Rails, JRuby, Machine Learning, Sinatra, Game Development, or anything you can think of accomplishing with Ruby.

No recruiters. No entrepreneurs. You're welcome to come to the group to meet local rubyists, but do your business outside of the group meeting times. At the meetings, we're only devs, engineers, and those aspiring to be one.

Primarily meetings are held at Lofty Labs in Fayetteville, AR. However we will occasionally have meetings in Bentonville for the north crowd.

Past events (34)

Code Social 🍺

Needs a location

Introduction to Ronin

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Bayesian Sentiment Analysis with Ruby

Needs a location

Adding Qbox Search to a Rails App

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