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LambdaConf Outpost One is a meetup group designed to train and equip people to solve problems in software engineering using the power of functional and logic programming.

The meetup is affiliated with LambdaConf, an annual functional programming conference held in Boulder, Colorado.

Anyone who is interested in functional or logic programming is welcome to join the group, regardless of level of experience!

LambdaConf Terms of Participation

This agreement defines the terms by which you are allowed to participate in the event.

By participating in the event, whether through physical attendance or participation in associated communication channels, you are agreeing to conduct yourself in accordance with the LambdaConf Pledge of Conduct. If you do not agree, you may not participate.

Individuals who attempt to participate but do not conduct themselves in accordance with the pledge will be removed from participation, and risk being banned from future events.

LambdaConf Pledge of Conduct

As a participator in the LambdaConf event, I hereby pledge the following:
That in the words I speak and the actions I take, I shall demonstrate respect, dignity, and empathy for my fellow human beings; that when I disagree with ideas, I will do so constructively, respectfully, and graciously; and that I will communicate non-violently with empathy and honest self-expression;
• That I shall embrace and celebrate the abundant diversity in the human species, and refuse to feel threatened by those different from me;

• That I shall not talk or act in ways that could make minority groups feel bullied, harassed, intimidated, stalked, stereotyped, or belittled; examples of minority groups include women, people of color, lesbians, gays, and people who are disabled, bisexual, transsexual, asexual, intersex, transgender, and gender-variant;

• That if I become aware of any behavior by others which is inconsistent with this pledge, I shall take immediate action to report such behavior to event organizers;

• That if there comes a time I no longer wish to keep this pledge, or if I wantonly behave in a manner inconsistent with these promises, I shall immediately cease participation in the event, without expectation of refund or redress.

I hereby acknowledge that my status as participator in this event may be terminated at any time if, in the sole opinion of the event organizers, I have been determined to break this pledge.

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