Working Together as a Two-Person Creative Team


Working Together as a Two-Person Creative Team

"Working together as an employer/employee team for the past three and a half years, Liam and Lauren have collaborated on the design and build over 25 WordPress websites - plus many more creative projects. Like any team, Liam and Lauren each bring a unique set of skills and perspectives which makes working together enjoyable – and sometimes a challenge. In this talk, we’ll share some of the challenges and lessons learned from working together as a two-person employer/employee team while aiming to do our best work for our clients. The focus will be to share insights that empower us to maximize the joy we get from working together, while minimizing the hassles.

This talk is relevant to any small team looking to improve the way in which they work together."

Liam and Lauren will also be answering questions during and after the talk.

We will also be headed to the Federal Taphouse to continue the discussion after the meetup.