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Meet fellow photographers from in and around Lancaster County!

Come to a Photography Meetup to take photos, talk about gear and software, swap tips and techniques, learn about photography, share your images and stories and have fun while doing it!

We're a Lancaster, PA photo group that has a monthly meetup on the first Thursday of the month, and then various photowalks and trips throughout the year.

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Historic Poole Forge and Money Rocks County Park

Historic Poole Forge

Historic Poole Forge is a nice little park at the location of an iron forge dating to the 1770's along the Conestoga River in Narvon, Pa. The there are a few nicely restored buildings including the ironmaster's house, pictured, some nice landscaping, and a covered bridge. The inside of the building are not currently accessible, but we are free to explore the grounds. We should be near full Fall color by this date. A 2.8 miles away is Money Rocks County Park, in the Welsh Mountain area. This wooded park covers 300 acres and the pride of the park is a rocky spine of boulders called Money Rocks, so-named because farmers in the Pequea Valley allegedly hid cash among the rocks. The ridge offers beautiful views of farmland, towns, and distant wooded hills. The rocks are covered with graffiti, some of it carved into the stone and dating to the e mid 1800's. The overlook is accessed by a short trail from the parking lot.

Virtual Meeting: Image Review/Critique

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Join us for a Zoom meeting where we have a friendly discussion of each others images. This time, the theme is “Fall Colors.” Rules: 1. Photo(s) should be taken from now until Wednesday, October 28. 2. You may submit up to 3 photos. Image files can be in any format other than raw and please limit their size to under 10MB each. 3. Rename the files to BEGIN with numbers 1 to 3 based on which one you want discussed first, then second, and third. PLEASE have the number first (nothing before the number) with your initials after it, as in 1mg.jpg. We’ll start with everyone’s #1 photos, move on to the #2s, then to the #3s if there’s time. 4. Send photos to [masked] by Wednesday, October 28 at 7PM. 5. Be prepared to tell the camera settings (ISO, aperture, & shutter speed) & focal length of lens used if someone asks about them. ** 6. When commenting, give accolades then constructive advice about how you think the photo could have been made stronger and had more impact. No attacks or negative comments! 7. When receiving comments, consider what is said, take what resonates, and ask about anything you don’t understand. 8. After the meeting, please post your photos to this event’s Photo Album. If someone made a comment about something you could do to improve a photo that resonated with you, you may make the change before uploading to the album. I'll send the Zoom meeting information to everyone who RSVPs “Yes” the evening before the event as well as post it to the event page an hour before the meetup begins. ** I've decided to throw in a new idea that came from Muench Workshops (https://muenchworkshops.com/blog/assignment-17-your-shot-this-week) that I think will be an extremely valuable exercise for us. To submit images for the review, you do not have to share these thoughts talked about below, but going through the process when you're taking the picture will help you make a more effective image, AND sharing the thought process can help the rest of us make our own images better. Effective images are often the result of visualization and planning. What story do you want to tell? What compositional elements will you need in your image? How can you bring those elements together? When you’re taking images for this review, before pressing the shutter button, think about why you were drawn to make that picture. What is the story you want to tell? Think about all the things that go into taking it: why you chose to place the subject where you did in the frame; why you included the other elements within the frame (do they support the subject, add a great background color...); why you chose that format (horizontal or vertical); why you chose that aperture or shutter speed... During the review, you can share these thought processes as well as how you feel about the image (did it come out the way you wanted?).

Guest Speaker, Tim Grey

Where you live

Join us as noted photographer, Tim Grey, shares some of the most valuable lessons he has learned in photography, some learned from other photographers, some based on experience, and some based on mistakes made along the way. Tim is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging. He’s known for his daily newsletter, “Ask Tim Grey” (http://asktimgrey.com/), where people get answers to their burning photography or processing questions.

Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam 2020 (Conowingo Fisherman's Park)

Are you ready to check off something on your bucket list? Come see the bald eagles plucking fish out of the water at Conowingo. This is an iconic sight to see. Will you get the perfect shot? There is only one way to find out! Bald Eagle numbers vary from a half-dozen in summer to 30-40 in winter. It is not unusual to find 20 in a single scan from November through February. While there are larger concentrations elsewhere, Conowingo is considered one of the best places east of the Mississippi River to view Bald Eagles because the birds are nearly always present in good numbers and viewing conditions are excellent. The sun is nearly behind observers all day throughout the year. About one out of three winters a single Golden Eagle is found with the Bald Eagles. Directions: The dam is less than one hour's drive due south of Lancaster, just across the Maryland line. Heading south, once you are across the Conowingo Dam bridge, take the first left, and then take the first (hard) left. Basically, follow the signs to Conowingo Fisherman's Park. There is no charge to enter the park and children are welcome. Try to arrive early, parking can be a problem as there are numerous people who will be there to see the eagles. Tie a red ribbon to your camera bag to identify yourself as a member of Lancaster Photo Meetup. We will congregate at the viewing platform closer to the dam.

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