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What we’re about

Continue the heritage of British cars and the people who like them.

The LANCO MG Club was started in 1983. Throughout the 38-plus years that the LANCO MG Club has existed we have held a lot of events such as car shows, rallies, tech sessions, progressive dinners, Christmas dinners, etc., and we have attended many other clubs car shows, rallies and lots of memorable conventions, too many to mention. But the best part of it all is the members! We love to socialize and drive our cars!

Membership to this Meetup Group is free.

People also can become members of the formal LANCO MG Club. Information and Membership Applications are available at the Club Website: LANCO MG CLUB

You don't have to own a British car to be involved. You may have owned one in the past - or would like to own one. And ... we're open to non-British fans as well!