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Landlord 411 is an advocacy group for the small business and independent landlord; founded by a landlord and former Property Manager, for landlords. The co-founder is an attorney focused on tenant/landlord law. This group is not-for-profit; it is a free exchange.

Members consider themselves a do-it-yourself (diy) landlord, an accidental landlord, a small portfolio property investor and Property Managers.

Our mission is to proactively empower small business and independent and private landlords to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes through:
• education of tenant/landlord law and policy
• risk mitigation and best practices as a property manager
• creation of a knowledgebase of shared experiences
• sharing of resources and technology to help them be better landlords
• knowing what to do if… my tenant stops paying rent… my tenant complains of X, Y, or Z… etc.

Our members value:
• Fairness between the landlord and the tenant
• Providing rental housing free from any life, health and safety hazards
• Expanding and enforcing landlord rights

Our Vision is to grow nationally as a non-profit association to become a collective voice to advocate and advance interests for private, individual and small portfolio rental housing providers. The intent is to work in partnership with government to demystify and simplify the astounding variations in tenant landlord law across jurisdictions at the state, county, and incorporated city level. We are launching in Maryland, then the mid-Atlantic, then nationally. We encourage members to join in all states to serve as a collective voice and gateway for our future expansion.

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