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Inspired by the Polyglot Club Paris weekly Polyglot meeting, Language Lovers, Polyglots and Language Exchange Boston Meetup is a group where where language lovers, linguists, polyglots, and people looking for language exchange can meet, talk about languages and improve language skills together.

Love languages? Yes we do! Many have expressed that they have been looking for a group like this. Come help create a vibrant language learning community in our area! We plan to run two tracks of events - a bi-weekly Polyglot Hangout where we may incidentally practice any languages we have in common, plus occasional or regular Chat Groups devoted to either multiple languages or languages which are harder to find.

For example, we have had Multilingual Conversation Groups (French/Spanish/Italian/ German) or German/Russian and Arabic/English Language Conversation Groups (cosponsored with the Boston Arabic and English Language Meetup).

We are also considering some others, such as Russian/Polish, Arabic/Persian, Chinese/Japanese, to give people who have studied one or both (or one and are considering the other) the chance to practice it, or to compare notes on both.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Sunday Night Chinese Mandarin Learning/Conversation

Needs a location

Note: This meetup meets the last Sunday of the month. We meet in the Chinese breakout room at the Polyglots and Language Lovers of Los Angeles Meetup the first, second, and third Sundays of the month.

Our goal is to build China-USA cross-cultural connections through Chinese Mandarin Learning/Conversation and cultural exchange.

Our hope is to build up our Mandarin and English skills, get to know the true China and the true America, and make new friends as well!

All levels of English and Chinese are welcome.

Russian Tea Room GRAMMAR Review Tuesday (6PM EST, 3PM PST)

Needs a location

After introductions, we will review the basics of Russian grammar together.
Come and participate, or just listen!

Russian Tea Room READING Tuesday (7PM EST, 4PM PST)

Needs a location

After introductions, we will read aloud together and translate from this website: https://worldstories.org.uk/reader/dick-whittington-and-his-cat/russian/737 !
(Translation is here: https://worldstories.org.uk/reader/dick-whittington-and-his-cat/english/244 )

Come and participate, or just listen!

Russian Tea Room chat Tuesday (8 EST, 5 PST)

Needs a location

Come practice your Russian!

Subject to cancellation if insufficient interest. Please take your RSVP seriously and cancel if your plans change.

I am a free rider on Zoom, so when we get cut off after 40 minutes, you can go back to the same meeting.

Meeting ID:[masked]

If you have trouble getting in, text me at[masked]. If this link doesn't work, I will post another one. The password is always 111.


Past events (554)

Hebrew Chat

Needs a location

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