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Inspired by the Polyglot Club Paris weekly Polyglot meeting, Language Lovers, Polyglots and Language Exchange Boston Meetup is a group where where language lovers, linguists, polyglots, and people looking for language exchange can meet, talk about languages and improve language skills together.

Love languages? Yes we do! Many have expressed that they have been looking for a group like this. Come help create a vibrant language learning community in our area! We plan to run two tracks of events - a bi-weekly Polyglot Hangout where we may incidentally practice any languages we have in common, plus occasional or regular Chat Groups devoted to either multiple languages or languages which are harder to find.

For example, we have had Multilingual Conversation Groups (French/Spanish/Italian/ German) or German/Russian and Arabic/English Language Conversation Groups (cosponsored with the Boston Arabic and English Language Meetup).

We are also considering some others, such as Russian/Polish, Arabic/Persian, Chinese/Japanese, to give people who have studied one or both (or one and are considering the other) the chance to practice it, or to compare notes on both.

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Upcoming events (5)

Multi-Language Chat and Exchange (Spanish etc - see below)

City Place Food Court

Multilingual exchange/chat group. We will do English,Spanish and whatever else comes (Arabic, French, German, Russian, Chinese?) alternating or whatever else people feel like depending on attendance. In the past we have done Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Chinese, depending on who comes. Please take your RSVP seriously and change it if your plans change. Close to Green Line (Boylston) and Orange Line (Chinatown) and short walk from Red Line (Park). Parking expensive and difficult in area - you can park at Post Office Square for $9 if you are willing to walk 10-15 minutes. https://www.google.com/search?q=post+office+square+parking+garage&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS805&oq=post+office+sq&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0l5.9998j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 City Place is a food court in the middle of the building. Enter between PF Changs and Starbucks on Park Place, by Dunkin Donuts on Stuart Street, or through the long outdoor passageway from Boylston St. No entrance on Tremont St.

Chinese English Chat - Monday (board games if someone brings!)

Subject to cancellation if insufficient interest. Chinese English chat, followed by dinner in Chinatown if anyone wants to. I put 6-8 but we may leave earlier if people want to eat, text me if you want to join and are coming late. If I get over 5 RSVPs, may move to City Place - only a couple of blocks away, and closer to Chinatown.

Polyglot Gathering Bratislava - posted for information

University of Economics in Bratislava

Fun gathering for people who love languages in Bratislava, Slovakia. Posted for information, not an official meetup. For more information and tickets visits https://www.polyglotbratislava.com/

Langfest Montreal 2019 - posted for information

John Molson School of Business

Posted for information. Fun gathering in Montreal every year for people who love languages. Program not yet available but these are the dates. For tickets and information go to: https://montreal.langfest.org/en/

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