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Making the Backend as easy as the Frontend: a look at BaaS

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Making the Backend as easy as the Frontend: A look at BaaS with Apigee

Sure, PhoneGap makes it super-easy to built the front of your mobile app, but what happens when you need to plug it to a backend to load data, register users, connect to social services, etc.?

Does it have to be the same mess of PHP, MySQL, Rails and legacy code you had to deal with during the old days of the web? (Ah, the old days of the web… That was so long ago.)

Fear not!

There is an alternative today, it’s called a Backend-as-a-Service.

Tim from Apigee will give us a tour of how they work, and how you can use them from any mobile app. He’ll conclude with a live demo of how to plug one into a jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap app.


Bio: Tim works at Apigee (, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to the API and Mobile revolutions. In previous lives, he was a CTO of a small startup, a software architect at NASDAQ, a Computer Science lecturer, and an invited expert at the W3C. When he’s not busy helping developers build their mobile apps, he’s speaking at conferences from San Francisco to Seoul. You can find him on Twitter as @timanglade (