Laravel meetup: August

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Time for another awesome meetup for awesome PHP artisans!
We will announce speakers soon. :)

-0o0- : Greetings:

-0o0- : Host:
Dwarf will be our great hosts this time! :)

Address: Bernhard Bangs Alle 25, 2000 Frederiksberg

-0o0- : Agenda:

17:30 : Doors open
18:00 Welcome speech by organizers, agenda and format
18:15 : Welcome speech by the host
18:30 : First talk: [ Queues in Laravel, by Ahmad Mayahi ]
18:45: Food and mingle :)
19:15: Second talk: [ Botman Introduction - The PHP Framework for Chatbot Development, by Javier Lempert ] + Q&A
20:00 : Surprise! ^^
20:30 : Thank you for coming! - [see you next time]

-0o0- : Prerequisites:

- Smile and a good mood! :)
- An interest in Laravel, or even PHP in general

-0o0- : First talk:
Ahmad Mayahi is a Zend Certified PHP Enginner & a senior web developer and he's going to do a short talk on Queues in Laravel.

-0o0- : Second talk:
Javier Lempert is the co-founder of Light-it. He is a software engineer based in Uruguay, chatbot expert, and snowboard enthusiast! :)

Javier will be making an introduction to chatbots, talking about three different types, how they help business, dialog & personality, and a brief introduction to start coding your own!

-0o0- : Additional information:

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