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Three Lightning Talks — Daniel, Nathan, and Doug

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This month we are doing something special! A series of three lightning talks. You can get a taste of three different topics to spark conversation.

As always free drinks and free food provided courtesy of Axxess.


#1 Abstracting Patterns In Your Laravel App by Daniel LaBarge
You sit down, you keep your eye on the feature goal and you write a lot of code. No, really, a lot of code. You come back to refactor but it looks like a mess and you don't know where to start. You wish you could write it better the first time and save yourself the refactor.
In this lightning talk, we'll show you three common patterns developers use in Laravel and:
— How to recognize the patterns in a mess of code, how to develop patterns into more modular code, and how to write the patterns better to begin with!

#2 Get Your Head In The Clouds: Adding Cloud Functions (FaaS) to Your Laravel App by Nathan Barrett
Have you been wondering what all this Cloud Functions fuss is all about? Do you have some multi-project code that you would love to run infrequently but do not want to pay for a server to stay online all the time to do it? Cloud functions may be your answer.

#3 Extracting Packages from your Laravel App by Doug Johnson
When you build an MVP of your app quickly you might build a monolith that is convenient, but difficult to deploy or work on as a team. In that case, you may want to take portions of your application and turn them into modules that can be tracked and updated separately using Git. We'll look at how to decide what can be split out and how to go about doing the conversion to make your application more modular.


Come to meet great developers in the area! We value the relationships we build because we are able to help each other with code issues, questions, and job opportunities.

If you have any questions on Laravel, app development, or the technology industry in DFW, this is the place to be! We look forward to seeing you.