What we're about

This is a Meetup Group for anyone interested in using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), automated software solutions & developing customized Chat Bots to integrate into their Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service Campaigns. This sounds crazy technical (and it can be) but there are lots of great solutions for non-coders so don't let the technical nature of A.I. & automation scare you away from attending.

All skill levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. Initially, the meetups will be fairly basic but will build into more developed topics as the meetups progress. The plan is to cover 2-3 topics per meetup and then have an open discussion with questions & answers.

Meeting Times:

• 6:00pm - 8:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of Every Month.

Meeting Place:

Innevation Center (https://goo.gl/maps/gn3c71M2jEK2)
6795 S Edmond St, 3rd Floor
Las Vegas NV 89118

Typical Meeting Agenda

• Quick introductions from all members

• Presentation #1 (20-30 Mins)

• Presentation #2 (20-30 Mins)

• Presentation #3 (20-30 Mins)

• Questions & Answers (20-30 Mins)

What to Bring:

• Ipad or Laptop is helpful but not required. All meetup slides will be available online after the meetup.

• Bring a friend or Colleague

• Ideas, Suggestions & Questions :-)

**Free Pizza & Soft Drinks - We appreciate that most of you will be skipping dinner to join us :-)** - Sponsored by https://www.BrightAdvice.com/

There is a facebook group set up for the members of this meetup for additional discussions and questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CustomChatb... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CustomChatbots/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Sales Funnels, 🗺️Mapping Customer Journeys, Planning a Chatbot Strategy & Goals

We will start the night off with a general discussion on Sales Funnels, Mapping Customer Journeys & how to (mostly) automate the process into a chatbot. How to Define your Chatbot Goals? Figure out the data you want to gather? Crafting questions to curate the data you want (steer the conversation) & creating Use Case Scenarios. Using chatbot templates as a starting point or starting with a blank slate. Testing, Evaluating, Tweaking & Modify changes to your Chatbot. We must leave the conference room before 8pm.

BotMock: Create Chatbot Prototypes for Easy Export to Watson, Google & More

🍕 Free Pizza & Soda 🥤 Botmock is a cutting edge drag and drop conversational framework chatbot mockup and prototyping tool which allows teams to collaborate and comment directly within the prototype. (ie no messy emails chains) Botmock allows for easy export to platforms like IBM Watson, Google's Dialog Flow, Rasa, Microsoft Bot Framework, Alexa Skills Kit, Slack, Zapier and other platforms. You can get a complimentary 15 day, fully functional demo of the software on their website. https://botmock.com/ Give it a try and bring any questions you have about how to mockup a chatbot conversation. 🍕 Free Pizza & Soft Drinks 🥤- We appreciate that most of you will be skipping dinner to join us :-) - Sponsored by https://botmock.com/

How to Use Facebook Messenger Marketing to Generate Leads & Import to your CRM🧲

🍕 Free Pizza & Soda 🥤 Topics of Discussion will be: Introduction to using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Technology to manage all of your company's relationships & interactions with potential customers/clients. How to use Messenger Marketing and Chatbots to generate leads and automatically add them to a CRM ? Time permitting, we may also touch on the following topics: How to integrate a Chatbot into helpdesk software? How to integrate Chatbots & Messengers into one stream/channel? 🍕 Free Pizza & Soft Drinks 🥤- We appreciate that most of you will be skipping dinner to join us :-) - Sponsored by https://www.GoodKarmaKid.com/

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant: How to build Voice Assistant Skills & Implement

🍕 Free Pizza & Soda 🥤 Topics of Discussion will be focused on basic Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant skills and how to use emerging voice technology in your business and websites. 🍕 Free Pizza & Soft Drinks 🥤- We appreciate that most of you will be skipping dinner to join us :-) - Sponsored by https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/alexa

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