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A Piece of Havana - A Dance Storm is Coming - US - So Get Ready


Dear Charlotte Salsa Maniacs,

Tonight's Salsa De Soul Class has been canceled due to inclement weather. Rescheduled for Friday, Jan 31 then off to A Piece of Havana.

More specifically, on Friday, when the beginner's class finishes at 7:30 pm. that class will leave and go to A Piece of Havana accompanied by one of the instructors. We will join you after finishing up the intermediate class, while you hold the table and enjoy the great music of Lucas and Borique Sublime. They are smokin' hot.

Last time, when Mariah and I walked into A Piece of Havana at the usual time, Evie and a few others were already there at our table by the dance floor, and they were so excited at the new band at A Piece of Havana.

Evie, one of our instructors, is from Puerto Rico, and the band is too. So her excitement must have in part arisen as it brought back fond memories of growing up doing Salsa and dancing at family events. I felt it too, reminding me of the early years when I played Congas with Puerto Rican bands in New York City. One thing I knew immediately, I could see that this was not going to be the usual night.

Don't misunderstand, all our evenings out at A Piece of Havana have been incredible events. But tonight, the owner, Belkis Vargas, had given Lucas the freedom he longed for, so he could "BRING IT." Man, did he and his band bring it.

When I saw and heard the band, I was excited too. I immediately understood what the fuss was about. So much so, that I immediately put my dance shoes on, did not even bother to warm up, and I grabbed Evie and we did a ten minute dance of body rolls, dips, shines, out right play, and fun salsa moves all being born from the ecstatic joy of dancing to the band's hot salsa. And, when we were through, we were greeted by great applause from the entire restaurant, bringing some to their feet in excitement, while Evie and I almost fell to our knees in exhaustion. That my friends, is the new A Piece of Havana.

On a personal note, being a Baby Boomer, it just thrills me beyond measure, when I can dance with a 20something or a 30 something, keep up, even set the pace, and when we are done they are gasping for air in between smiling and laughing their you know what off. That my friends is a good day. That is Salsa De Soul; dancing from the inside out; from your heart and soul.

Man, I can't wait to get back to A Piece of Havana.

Have a wonderful and safe evening tonight, and join us the Charlotte Salsa Maniacs Meet up crew accompanied by the FB and the Tango folk too, as we take A Piece of Havana by Storm.


The Professor, the Cat in the Hat

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