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We are here to encourage everyone to interact and socialize which will improve and increase the understanding of the need for DevOps & Agile and share related experiences.
We organize regular DevOps & Agile Talk events. Everyone is welcome to join!
Also, feel free to write a blog on our community page https://devops.lv/
We are the ones who organized DevOpsDays Riga together with DevClub.lv https://www.facebook.com/devopsdaysriga/

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GCP Training for free by Google on June 6

Audēju iela 15

The dream is coming through and we're all set for a full day GCP training delivered by Google.

A big thanks goes to our sponsor REVOLGY.
Revolgy Business Solutions a.s. is the fastest growing Central European company providing digital transformation services through a cloud infrastructure and online communication tools in the B2B segment. More than 25 years of experience, partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform is helping over 2500 companies and government institutions in more than 47 countries.

The teacher will be Matas Tvarijonas from Google who knows his stuff without a doubt. Understandably, the second thanks goes to Google as the 2nd sponsor!

What you need to know:

  1. Training will include:
    - Intro to Google Cloud Platform and its console
    - Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine
    - Real-life app build & deployment to GKE
    - Bonus tasks/info for advanced engineers!!!
  2. The agenda will be the following:
    8:30 - arrive, check-in
    9:00-12:00 - hands-on with short breaks
    12:00-13:00 - Lunch
    13:00-17:30 - hands-on with short breaks
  3. Bring your own laptop
  4. We have a limit of 30 participants. FOMO is real.
  5. No credit card will be required. Google will provide cloud credits.
  6. All junior engineers are welcome, but the advanced engineers also will have fun - there will be bonus content prepared by Matas.
  7. Snacks will be provided at the venue by Revolgy but everyone pays for their own lunch
  8. Registration here is mandatory

Let's be honest - this is a one-time opportunity and such training would cost you 500eur as a minimum. Be smart about this.

Reserve the evening as well. There will be the DevOps & Agile Talk meetup with Matas speaking and Google sponsoring!

By registering for the event, you agree that your contact details will be shared with the sponsors Revolgy, Google, Latvia DevOps & Agile Community and that you agree to receive marketing information (including job offers) in your mailbox which you will provide in the registration form below.

17th DevOps & Agile Talk

Audēju iela 15

Greetings, DevOps-ers, and Agilists!

Only a few more days are left until summer, and what would be a better way to start summer than to get some snacks, beer, and friends and come to the well-conditioned Workland offices on the 6th of June for 17th DevOps & Agile Talk.

This time we will have two terrific speakers: Matas Tvarijonas (Google) from whom you will have a chance to learn more about supply chain security, and Andris Aispurs (Tet) who will present about development process improvements.

Please make sure that you arrive early because we'll be checking in people at the counter. No-shows will not be tolerated. There's simply no other way how to forecast how much beer we should buy 😊
(In case you won't be able to join on-site, you are welcome to watch the live stream on our Youtube Channel)

For the very first time, we will have speakers from Google - Matas Tvarijonas and Tet- Andris Aispurs. What are they going to present? See below:

Software supply chain security by Matas Tvarijonas (Google)
Recent high-profile software supply chain attacks, such as the SolarWinds hack and the Log4j vulnerability, have shown that any vulnerability in the software supply chain can be exploited to attack the software itself. In this session, we will discuss how Google Cloud can help organizations secure their software supply chains.

What it really takes to Improve a development process or why french waiters are the best sellers out there by Andris Aispurs (Tet)
There are a lot of great tools, methods, frameworks, and approaches available on the market. Some are very expensive, and some on the other hand are available completely for free and easy to start to use. But all of these tools have something in common – the necessity to justify them to management and colleagues, alignment with existing strategies and guidelines, requires changes to existing processes during the implementation phase in working environments, etc. What we can learn from French waiters to improve our chances to implement these tools for better, more effective, and secure development processes in our organizations? Let’s find out together!

See you at the Workland! Don’t forget to register for the event!

During the presentations, we love to play "DevOps Karaoke"- an improv game, where someone from the audience has a chance to give a 5 minutes presentation on slides, that he has never seen before. Add your name to this form, if you want to be the lucky guy or gal, who will have a chance to play it this time: ej.uz/es-velos-spelet-devops-karaoke
If your plans change, could you please cancel your registration? It would be a pity to lose you as a community member.

Riga Tech Dinner - 7pm, 18th of July

Maskavas iela 509


At the DevOps & Agile Talk events, we notice that there is very little time for networking and longer discussions. Such events are mainly to listen and learn. That’s why we created the riga Tech einner event for those who typically have deep thoughts, have lots of questions and ideas to share. Everyone is welcome to discuss or just listen!

Special guests of this event:

  • Anita Gaile, Leadership development and organizational transformation coach, focusing on career, people, and change management. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and has experience of being an HR function lead for large organizations. Recently learned Python language basics at University of Buffalo.

  • Andrey Adamovich is a highly-skilled and accomplished software expert. He channels his passion for education by providing comprehensive technology courses to a broad spectrum of professionals in the enterprise IT sector. Alongside his educational endeavors, he holds a role as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

About the event

You might be wondering, what's the value of such event? Why existing Business Networking events aren't enough? etc. The key difference is that we meet, enjoy the dinner, and talk about whatever we like. This is not a Business Networking event, it's an event for professionals to exchange ideas and grow. The special guests will tell a little about themselves and do their best to initiate a discussion if awkward silence comes into the room. However, "Runāšana – sudrabs, klusēšana – zelts" (translation: "talking - silver, silence - gold"). That's the thinking time.
You can find the event chat on Techies of Baltics Slack, channel #rigatechdinner

Expectations from participants:

  • try not to be late
  • introduce yourself
  • don't interrupt others
  • come with an empty stomach and pay for your own dinner
  • try not to be grumpy if you're hungry
  • this is not a party. However, a glass of wine may oil the tongue a bit
  • if you don't feel like talking, then don't. But coming to a networking event and not saying a word is like window-shopping
  • pay the event fee
  • judgment-free mind is a must
  • RSVP - show up or update your status timely if you can't

Why the event fee? - the idea is to always have 2 special guests in the event. They have been invited. We should cover their dinner expenses as the least minimum we can do beyond a "thank you". This will be a fund for that.

The host: Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis - certified DevOps Leader; the drummer of the Latvia DevOps & Agile Community; the director of the Dzīvais Rīgas Teātris; RTG mentor

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Introverts Dinner IRL - 16 May 2023, 07:00 PM

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