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Feeling stressed and in need of relaxation? Do you want to see more smiles when you look in the mirror? Do you need more joy in your life? Do you know how highly contagious laughter is or how powerful for lifting our mood? Do you want to feel relaxed, revitalised energised, rejuvenated, happy and connected with others? Join us at a laughter playshop and feel the real power of laughter! And as they say: A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Ahahahahahahaha!! This group uses: -laughter, -improvisation, -games -playful activities, -ice-breakers -group interaction activities All of this creates a strong group dynamic that will -make you feel relaxed, -connected with others, -positive, -happy and -less serious! -Enjoy our contagious laughter. -Be more present in your life. -Connect with people who want to laugh with you. -Be more relaxed with this spontaneous and positive group. This group is beneficial for people of all ages and all backgrounds. It has been reviewed in the Independent: Ellie has been running laughter sessions since March 2013. She is certified as laughter yoga leader. She has 7 years of experience running games and activities for various youth groups.. Please stay afterwards to socialise. I always bring a packed dinner to eat afterwards so I recommend doing this so you don't have to rush home to eat. See for more information about the health benefits of laughter. There is a 5 pound recommended contribution. If you pay for 4 classes at a time you will get the 5th class free. If you cannot afford to pay, come anyway, I will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds. Donations will be going to Basic Needs. BasicNeeds is a global mental health organisation, working to improve the lives of people living with mental illness and or epilepsy. Testimonials: I love this group because it helped me to break out of my shell and be more spontaneous (Johanna) This group is a fantastic opportunity to laugh and make friends. I am there every week (Tom) I really look forward to the sessions they are the highlight of my week (Ahmed) Ellie is such a great facilitator. I have been in different meetup groups. This is by far the best one (Amy) I have been struggling with stress and anxiety at work and this group made feel relaxed and calm for the first time in ages (Attila) I met all my good friends in London in this group. I recommend this group to anyone who wants to meet new and positive people (lizzy) This group is beautiful and has great energy (Lucy)

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It doesn't matter who you are, you are welcome. Laughter is a universal language, so we understand each other,The act of laughing is something humans do that is understandable by everyone. It doesn't matter what race,countery, religion, ethnicity, or gender you are; we all recognize laughing as having a good time and enjoying life. Laughter is often contagious just like smiling. I know that from experience that I can start laughing just by watching other people laugh; without actually knowing what they're laughing at. Laughing is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

This group is for Laughaholics , we using Laughter Yoga which is a unique technique devised by Dr Madan Kataria, a doctor from India, whereby you can learn to “Laugh for no Reason”You don’t even need a sense of humour, no funny jokes or comedy programmes – just a willingness to laugh – and in the current climate everyone needs to laugh. A happy soul Attracts Positive Life experience. Happiness is a light that shines so bright and leaves no room for doubt and darkness.

A good time to laugh is any time you can. ~Linda Ellerbee.

Enjoy the moment live in, and appreciate the present The past is history,tomorrow’s a mystery,and today’s a gift–that’s why they call it “the present”. Live in the moment and laugh unconditionally.

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