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Laughter Yoga is aerobic exercises with the combination of laughter practice, body movement, imagination and yogic breathing. Regular practice would make you feel relaxed and energetic. We would like to share the fun of practicing laughter yoga with you all. In this group, you can also meet up other laughter yogi in Hong Kong. If you want to be healthy, have fun, have a good laugh, be happy, have fun, want to relax, learn laughter yoga, keep fit, exercise your tummy, practice yoga....

We will have both INDOOR yoga & laughter yoga activities, and OUTDOOR laughter club, day trip for healthy bodies with yoga & laughter yoga. So come and join us with your friends~

Laughter is the best medicine. We will start some spreading happiness and laughter among the community for those organizations and people with limited resources. You may want to know how laughter yoga works first before you are going to help. So please do find some time to join our different laughing session in order to help :)

About Hong Kong Laughter Yoga Academy:

A non profit organization registered in Hong Kong for promoting laughter yoga and mental and emotion wellbeing in Hong Kong since 2015.

Website: http://www.hklya.org.hk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hklaughteryoga

大笑瑜伽(台譯:愛笑瑜伽)是一種於1995年由印度醫生Dr. Madan Kataria發明的大笑帶氧運動,主要集中在想像力和大笑練習,讓你回到小孩般的不用原因的大笑。你會體驗不同變化的身體動作,跟其他人在小組互動。大 笑瑜伽不但幫你練習你的腹部力量,還能從扮笑中令身體以為你是快樂而釋出快樂化學物質安多芬。這種化學物質讓你體內的壓有帶來的化學物質自動減低,讓你會 變得更放鬆和心情愉快﹗

這個是我們的流動大笑俱樂部Portable Laughter Club,讓大家在非牟利、非政治及非宗教的場景下一起創造開懷大笑的空間。歡迎大家跟我們一起體驗這種無原因的開懷大笑。哈哈哈哈!




Facebook 專頁: www.facebook.com/hklaughteryoga

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