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The Berks LaunchBox, located in Reading, PA, is a partnership between Penn State Berks and Penn State Health St. Joseph. Our goals include:

Enhancing community and industry relationships

Promoting Entrepreneurship among Penn State Berks students

Utilizing entrepreneurship to accelerate business development in medical and health sectors

Providing resources that encourage entrepreneurship across diverse populations in the City of Reading

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Entrepreneurship as a Second Career


Did you know that the average age of the first-time entrepreneur is 40 and that the average age of the leaders of high growth startups is 45? Recent studies out of Duke University, the Kauffman Foundation, and Northwestern University have shown that despite the myths, entrepreneurship and middle age are highly compatible. Why does age help? According to one researcher "Older individuals have generally completed more complex projects--from buying a house to raising a family. In addition, older people have developed greater vocational skills than their younger counterparts in many, but not all, cases," he says. "We theorize that the combination of successful project completion skills with real-world experience helps older entrepreneurs identify and address more realistic business opportunities." This is borne out not only by the research (which shows, among other things, that people over 55 are twice as likely to launch a high-growth startup as those under 35), but by scanning just a quick list of successful entrepreneurs: · Ray Kroc was 52 when he shaped McDonald's into a multibillion-dollar behemoth · Sam Walton was 44 when he started a little company called Walmart · Lynda Weinman co-founded Lynda.com at 40 (and then sold it to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion) · Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot at 50 · Anne Wojcicki was 33 when she founded 23andMe At this Meetup you will hear from three local entrepreneurs who started successful businesses after experiencing success in other fields. Al Perelli founded Bigshots Archery LLC after a successful career in software sales. John Cusatis, an Air Force veteran with a doctorate in computer science, started Tilapia R Us after a successful but stressful career in information technology. Sherry Fuhrmann started Pure Wild Tea which she runs while continuing her first career as an elementary school teacher.

Protecting Your Company & Customers from Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals get better at malicious activity every day, while people are becoming less forgiving toward businesses that fail to protect their data. Around 30% of consumers surveyed by Bank of America said they wouldn’t return to a small business that suffered a data breach, up from 20% two years ago. The same survey found that breaches of small businesses are becoming more common and more costly. More than one in five small to medium businesses reported a data breach within the last 24 months, up 17% from two years ago. 41% of small businesses reported suffering a breach that cost more than $50,000 to recover from. Numbers like this should serve as a wake-up call. Every small business needs to educate themselves and develop a security strategy to protect their data. • Actionable steps small businesses can take to be safer Steve Pressman, Alpine Cyber Solutions, President • Human Hacking through phishing and stolen credentials Mark Viglione, Enigma Networkz a SaaS Cybersecurity Company, Owner • Understanding Insider Threats: employees, malicious insiders, & agents Andrew Price, Tower Health, Senior Manager, Security • Consumer Data Privacy Joe Chiarella, Strategic Focus Alignment, Executive Adviser

Licensing and Company Creation Pop-up Clinic


The Licensing and Company Creation Pop-up Clinic will provide valuable information regarding whether to license a product or start a company. The Pop-up Clinic will discuss licensing decisions and issues, different types of business entities, and ultimate considerations when selecting an entity structure. If time permits, the Clinic will also address legal considerations when leaving employment to start a company. Presenters will be Sarah Phillips and Sarah Zomaya, third year law students at Penn State Dickinson Law. Following the Clinic presentation, members of the Business Law Society will be present to answer specific questions in one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs.

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Global Entrepreneurs: Latin American Perspectives

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