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Welcome! Do you like hiking but are not an athlete? Do you like to explore the outdoors and the city? Our group may be what you’re looking for. We are a group of hiking enthusiasts who tackle easy to moderate hikes with the “occasional” challenge. Our past walks include: leisure afternoon 3-4 mile hikes, morning 4-5 mile gallops, and perhaps an all-day challenge of 9a/10a-4p/5p or later jaunts. We walk at a casual pace, enjoy conversations and making new friends.

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OCA Hike: Ossining to Tarrytown ~9 miles

Grand Central Terminal

Old Croton Aqueduct (aka OCA) is a 41-mile pipeline that used to supply water from upstate NY all the way down to our wonderful little NYC. We start our hike from OSSINING station, head to the Ossining Visitor Center. Check out the museum. Walk along the Sing Sing Kill Greenway: https://aqueduct.org/news/something-new-ossining-sing-sing-kill-greenway. Then head south along the OCA path to TARRYTOWN. OSSINING to TARRYTOWN ~ 9 miles. We arrive in OSSINING by 10:20 AM and start walking south to TARRYTOWN.

How do we get there? Let’s meet at GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL (GCT) to take the 9:45 AM Metro-North from GCT to OSSINING. A one-way trip: $11.25 OFF-PEAK. I plan to be seated at 9:30 AM.

How do we return? We return from TARRYTOWN. One-way trip from TARRYTOWN to GCT is $11.25. You should have two separate tickets each one-way.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ If you don't see me or the group, just get on the train and meet in OSSINING.

Hey, can I get there some other way? If you’re coming from another Metro-North station or a different mode of transportation and plan to meet our group in OSSINING, leave me a message in comments. Be forewarned, I do not have the best reception during a hike and if I’ve already started moving, I may not answer. Arrive at the OSSINING station by the time the train arrives at 10:30 AM. Here’s Metro-North train schedule: http://as0.mta.info/mnr/schedules/sched_form.cfm.

What trail are we taking? Old Croton Aqueduct. Part 2 starts at the OSSINING Visitor’s Center aka Joseph Caputo Community Center all the way to TARRYTOWN. We’ll find ventilator shafts and weir chambers along the route. More information can be found here: http://aqueduct.org/. Total mileage for the day about ~9 miles.

How long is this hike? Approximately 9 miles. I pretty much average out the entire day to enjoy the scenery, conversation, and the exercise. I usually complete this hike in 3-4 hours. If you’re in a hurry to get back to NYC, I wouldn’t try to squeeze this hike in your schedule.

Is it hard? Not really. It has one or two hills through the hike. It’s mostly a flat path. Semi-brisk walk through a forest. Please reflect on your ability to walk ~9 miles.

Can I leave early? Or can I go on ahead without the group? If you want to leave, just let me know. Although, I don’t advise hiking alone. On this trail, there are 2 dropout points along the route: SCARBOROUGH Metro-North station and PHILLIPSE MANOR Metro-North station. I will point you in the right direction but you’ll have to walk to the station on your own.

Bathrooms include GCT, a bathroom at the OSSINING Visitor’s Center, a bush, and 7-Eleven in TARRYTOWN or the TARRYTOWN Metro-North station.

How do I prepare? I’m not an expert at hiking but this is what I do: Bring at least 3 liters of water; depending on your own thirst level. Wear moisture-wicking shirts and hiking boots. Pack a lunch (sandwiches, fruit, nuts, trail mix, jerky).

Rain the day before and the day off cancels the hike.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In exchange for participating in events, by RSVPing, you agree to follow the rules, any oral instructions or directions of the Event Hosts and Organizers. You also recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with the above-described activity and you assume full responsibility for personal injury to yourself, and further release and discharge Event Hosts and Organizers for injury, loss or damage arising from your attendance in the event.

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Follow the Highline to the Ice Cream

Grand Central Terminal

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