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What we’re about

What we’re about: Connecting Leaders is about bringing together people leaders, across industries. We strongly believe that leadership isn’t industry specific and that learning from each others’ challenges and wins will see all of us bring the best out of our people.

Background: Rach & Hannah met when they were both Team Leaders at accounting software company, Xero. “Hannah and I connected really quickly, we have a shared passion for seeing people develop. As cheesy as this sounds, to see people be the best they can be and find their why”. Since leaving Xero, ( Rach to lead Customer Experience at Mobi2Go & Hannah to lead Customer Support at TradeMe ) “we have continued to support one another and catch up to chat through ideas, challenges - you name it. It was during one of these catch ups we thought, we should connect other leaders, so they have someone to talk to”.

Who’s it for? Anyone who leads people and is keen to meet other leaders in the Wellington region. Particularly those new to leadership roles.

What will the Meetups be like? Each session will have a theme along with inspiring people leaders from various backgrounds, in the Wellington region.