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What we’re about


* Overcome your fear of public speaking?

* Tell your story and inspire an audience?

* Give a presentation at work or school?

* Give a toast at a wedding or birthday party?

*. Understand leadership qualities? 

* Get leadership training to run a meeting, club or business?

* Develop self confidence ?

*. Learn & develop inter-personal skills?

*. Learn effective communication skills? 

*. Learn how to be a winner in leadership & communication skills?

*. Expand your thinking, embrace new ideas and develop positive mindsets? 

*. Have fun & be a winner in most aspects of life, including being a potential Entrepreneur or achieving financial independence ?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then our "LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION WINNERS GROUP" is for you.!! 


We are committed to revive, strengthen and expand the vision & purposes of the members who join this group to encompass more widespread personal development & leadership skills for all the members besides just simple public speaking.

We will therefore be a friendly, supportive group of people who invest in ourselves monthly to learn & practice our communication and leadership skills & potentially even explore or improve our realms of financial independence & security which can often help improve confidence & better communication. 

We encourage all of our members to do their best. No matter what happens, we do not quit -- victory is attainable for everyone - we are Winners!! 


We expect a typical (Leadership & Communication Winners) meeting will be made up of 15 to 20 people who meet once a month for about two hours. Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to fellowship, learn interpersonal skills, share experiences, gain new knowledge & therefore develop greater confidence & naturally learn and practice the concepts of better public speech & communication skills .

Our meetings work because they are held in a safe and friendly positive environment where we share common or similar visions, And where one's spirit can be refreshed & energized with confidence & constructive learning skills. "Together we can all succeed"


We will advise asap where each monthly meetings will be held.