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League of Geeks is local community from Passau, Germany for everybody who's into technology to some extend. 🤓🤖🚀

No matter if you are an Entrepreneur, Student, Software Developer, Researcher, Data Scientist or somehow else involved or interested into Innovation - League of Geeks is for you! 😀

Our meetups takes place once a month on a Wednesday evening (6pm) at the Minnosphere Innovation Lab. Every meetup features a selected talk presented to you by an expert in that specific area. After the talk, we love to hang out for a beer and get to know each other. We'd love to meet you at our next event!

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Track yourself – before you wreck yourself

minnosphere GmbH

Don't let the big players have all the fun – collect data yourself and profit from it! Most of us already collect a lot of data about ourselves by using various devices and services in our daily lives. Whether you decide to go the extra mile and collect as much as possible or not, it's always worth trying to gain insight from the data you have. After sharing personal examples from his quantified self, Manuel will give a broad overview of current trends in health and fitness tracking, and discusses potentials and risks of it. Manuel studied Internet Computing at Passau University, created and sold a startup before finishing the first semester, and is currently working as a developer and operations specialist at mymuesli. His passion for technology, automation and data also shapes his personal life: Running every day would only be half the fun without the stats.

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Next Generation of Map Apps

minnosphere GmbH

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