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What we’re about

Are you a woman* who loves programming and has been searching for a similar bunch of ladies to eat cupcakes and discuss code with? Are you happier discussing Ruby** than rubies over coffee? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We meet at least once a month to hack on projects, give casual 5-minute lightning talks, ask all of our technical questions, and toss around ideas together. It's a great way to make new friends, and to bounce ideas off each other to keep improving our coding skills. Think of it as a book club for coders. Yes, there will be tasty treats of the baked variety with coffee, tea, and juice (for the caffeine-averse). On hacknights, we have delicious pizza for all of your om-ing and nom-ing needs. We'd also love to bring in some interesting lady speakers, so let us know if you have anything you'd like to hear or talk about!

What if I don’t code?

We are going to be discussing some pretty in-depth, geeky stuff. If you are not deterred by that and are still really excited about coming, you’re more than welcome. A lot of us are more than happy to pay forward all the help we've received along the way, and give you any advice or pointers (pun intended) you might be looking for! If you’re looking for a good place to learn to code, that's awesome! You may want to check out the Girl Develop It meetup, which is a great place to take classes and work with other people who are just getting started.

Do I have to be a lady?

Some dude: "I can always tell a lady when I see one." Mae West: "Yeah? What do you tell 'em?" As usual, Mae West got it right! We figure you know best here - if you consider yourself to be a lady (or a woman*) who codes, we hope to see you soon! If you don't, but are still interested in coming, just send us a message letting us know why and we’ll let you know if we think this group will be a good fit.

*If you call yourself a woman, we do too. We don't care what's in your genes OR your jeans. Unless you're a robot, then we very much care and want you to join right away so we can pick your brain or... motherboard.

**Or Python, Java, C, Perl, PHP, Haskell, Coq — we're language-agnostic!