What do customers really want? and what's strategy got to do with it?

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This time we've got 2 super interesting lectures for you:

Isaac Bracha will talk about practical guidelines for creating differentiation based on market demand.

And, by popular demand and for those who missed it last time, Yoav Yechiam is returning to us to give his lecture 'What the F*ck is Product Strategy?'


17:00 - 17:30: Meet and greet

17:30 - 17:40: Opening words / Eitan Katz

17:30 - 18:45: JTBD: Practical guidelines for creating differentiation based on market demand / Isaac Bracha

We develop our products/services based on what few customers ask/tell us or based on what we think is right for our category. Our business plan, if we have one, is based on assumptions. The result is that we often see product launches that are based on inaccurate business plans.
In this presentation, we will share a series of formulas that will allow you to measure and find the “black holes” in the market where segments of customers are underserved. You will then be able to design an accurate and powerful Value Proposition and accurately define your customer segments.
We will also explain the principles of Jobs-To-Be-Done and how to validate your product/service demand before spending time and money so when you approach investors you will have clear numbers showing traction.

About the speaker:
Isaac Bracha is a serial entrepreneur in both low-tech and high-tech. He's also a mentor and an evangelist of JTBD and Lean Startup.

19:00 - 20:00: What the F*ck is Product Strategy? / Yoav Yechiam

Startups today are obsessed with tactical product processes. Onboarding, push notifications, in-app messages, share, invite a friend, in-app purchases, the list goes on... But what about the product strategy? a.k.a. the path between vision and execution. Isn't that far more important?
This lecture will discuss exactly that. Examples of well-known products and their strategies. Who did it well and who failed.
And how does all of this relate to 'Product Market Fit'?

About the speaker:
Yoav Yechiam still sees himself as an entrepreneur. He's lead the product for 8 startups. Been CEO 3 times and sold a company once. He was until recently the senior product consultant at Moburst and is currently an independent Product Strategy Specialist.