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Balancing focus vs new opportunities. An advanced business model technique taught in accelerators/

Telling an entrepreneur to focus is like telling Gary Vaynerchuk to shut up.

1) It's pointless.

2) Why would you want that? It goes against what makes them great!

Working with founders in high-pressure accelerators all over Europe (, we've developed an technique called Option Cards that helps with them make these decisions and move forward quickly.

It's based on Alex Osterwalder's advanced level of business model proficiency, where the focus is on understanding and validating dynamics, rather than using the Canvas as a dashboard on your wall. (If your sticky notes are gathering dust, it's a sign that stepping up to the advanced level could be valuable now.)

Option Cards is light-weight, process-agnostic, low-tech, and cuts out the time-wasting in deciding what to validate next. It's a kind of hack that helps you spot and validate the key dynamics of your entire business model, rather than the individual blocks, so you quickly design a business model that fits your target market.