• Corporate Spin-outs: When Intrapreneurs launch new business models

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    CORPORATE SPIN-OUTS When we think of corporate ventures and spin-outs, we think about the investment perspective, the numbers, the portfolio. Perhaps we don’t immediately think about it from the perspective of the ones actually doing it: the intrapreneurs. In this month’s Corporate Entrepreneurs London series, we will have two corporate ventures talk about how they got off the ground, but told from the perspective of those who rolled up their sleeves and made it happen. We will hear about how real corporate ventures and spin-outs formed, grew and scaled. WHO IS THIS EVENT FOR? This event is for anyone working on, interested in, supporting or leading innovation projects inside their organisation, from any business function or unit. +++ GET YOUR TICKET ON EVENTBRITE: bit.ly/CEmay19 ++++ AGENDA 6.00 — Doors Open; pizza and soft drinks 6.30 — Welcome 6.45 — Two speakers: Matt Kennedy - Solutions Lead at Pentland Brands, home of top sportswear as Lacoste, Berghaus, Speedo, Ellesse and others. Matt will share his journey of preparing the spin-out of the new kids footwear brand Todl and the swimming brand Futura Swim within a 42,000 employees global company. Samson Rogers — co-founder and CEO of Cellular Highways, a new microfluidic technology for sorting cells, with clinical applications such as cell therapies and liquid biopsies. Scientist and inventor by background, Samson has led Cellular Highways from inception to spin-out from TTP plc. 7.30 — Q&A and Dynamic Discussion 7.50 — Networking and Drinks to follow SPEAKERS BIO Samson Rogers: Samson Rogers has previously worked on a variety of life science technologies at TTP, co-founded two start-ups, and published research papers on techniques of measuring biomolecules and cells. Samson has a PhD from Cambridge and an MBA from the ESMT. The team, led by Samson, has been developing the VACS technology for the past two years. The core technology is the smallest, high -speed multiplexable microfluidic sorter yet invented – also the most suitable for automation and manufacturing. Matt Kennedy - Solutions Lead at Pentland Brands, a family of brands that are set to disrupt the sports and fashion industry. With a background in Unilever, where he created new products & services for the world’s largest brands, Matt leads innovation projects across the group, notably creating the new kids footwear brand Todl and swimming brand Futura Swim. COMPANIES PROFILE PENTLAND GROUP is a British privately held, global brand management company, involved in the sports, outdoor and fashion markets. Based in Finchley, north London, it is owned by Stephen Rubin and family. The Group's brand management division, Pentland Brands, now comprises a portfolio of brands covering sports, outdoor and fashion. It manages owned brands such as Boxfresh, Canterbury, Ellesse, Endura, KangaRoos, Lacoste, Mitre, Red or Dead, Seaves and Speedo; and also operates, under global licenses, the footwear division of Karen Millen, and Kickers in the UK. Pentland is also a minority shareholder for other brands, including Hunter Boot Ltd and Heidi Klein. TTP PLC is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. Working across a wide spectrum of industries including health, telecoms, industrials and consumer, TTP creates breakthrough solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all. CELLULAR HIGHWAYS, TTP plc’s most recent spin out, is developing a new generation of automated high-throughput cell sorting instruments for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The new spin-out was founded to commercialise TTP’s proprietary Vortex-Actuated Cell Sorting (VACS) technology. This technology has the potential to enable new cell therapies, liquid biopsy diagnostics, and high throughput drug discovery applications.

  • How to Identify Early Adopters for Deep-Tech: Case Study and Exercises

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    Spyras is a Deep-Tech startup from Imperial College London, one of the winners of this year's Mayor's Entrepreneur competition. As for any business idea, identifying early adopters is the critical step to get traction and kick off. They have also faced this challenge, and we will use their case study to run a practical exercise. We will learn how to use Customer Discovery interviews to identify the best customer segment starting from a deep tech opportunity. And in general, we will learn how to identify target customers, and their needs, to make the most difficult step for any startup: from zero to small. We will use Spyras' case study to run a practical group exercise and learn how to to identify early adopters, guided by experts Lean Startup Ambassadors for London Davide Turi and Mark Elliott. At the end of the workshop, the startup founder will eventually reveal how they have validated their business idea and identified their early adopters by doing Customer Discovery interviews on the field. +++++ Please register here to attend the event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lean-startup-customer-discovery-practical-case-study-and-exercises-tickets-58634804278 Agenda 18:00- Welcome and pizzas 18.30- Challenge study presentation: George Winfield, CEO & Co-Founder at SPYRAS 18.45- Customer Discovery practical tools and group work: Davide Turi, Lean Startup ambassador and Studio Zao founding partner 19:15- Case study: how SPYRAS identified early adopters by doing Customer Discovery on the field 19.30- Networking and Drinks About our speakers GEORGE WINFIELD, CEO & Co-Founder, SPYRAS George graduated from Loughborough University with a BEng in Product Design Engineering in 2017 with a placement year working at DePuy Synthes (J&J) designing custom spinal instruments. This sparked his interest in medical engineering where DePuy further sponsored his final year dissertation to redesign an approach to lumbar spinal interbody fusion. After graduating he undertook a MRes in Medical Device Design & Entrepreneurship at Imperial College in 2018 where his thesis focused on the development of paper-based sensors that could continuously monitor breathing rates using humidity of breath. About SPYRAS Spyras uses paper-based sensors to monitor breathing rates, volumes and gases on patient's breath in order to provide more detailed information to clinicians about their patients health. Winner of the White City Innovators’ Programme 2018 and The Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition 2019. DAVIDE TURI, Founding Partner, Studio Zao Lean Startup ambassadors for London, Davide is resident business coach at Imperial College London, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge and has been a successful entrepreneur himself (one exit). He has a background of 15 years in corporate innovation, having helped FTSE100 to launch award winning new products and innovations on the market. MARK ELLIOTT, Lean Business Builder and Coach Mark started his career alternating between programming telecoms hardware devices and more general IT projects such as scheduling Scandinavia’s international post. Grabbing the opportunity with an innovative Silicon Valley startup he built the international development/training/technical arm through to the NASDAQ IPO and pivoting onto service revenue for the $1.5billion sale. Since then he has been involved in software security (marketing), arts retail (everything but painting), renewable energy and home automation (own company) and entrepreneurial learning & startup support. Now he is a Business Coach working with founders to help have better dreams.

  • Lean entrepreneurship - stories of change from large organisations

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    THE "INSIDE ENTREPRENEURS" — STORIES OF CHANGE FROM WITHIN Lean Innovation using in large corporations isn't easy. But why, precisely? How can it be done? Join us for an evening focused on sharing, learning and networking for corporate entrepreneurs. If you are someone looking to drive innovative change from within your organisation, then come talk to us. +++ REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-inside-entrepreneurs-stories-of-change-from-within-tickets-56414192368 We will have three stories about personal and intense intrapreneurial journeys from: – Deborah Madelaine, Global User Centricity Community Senior Manager at Mars inc. – Jean-Baptiste Limare, Head of Veygo at Admiral Group – Erik de Kroon, CEO & Co-founder of Yordex, former Worldpay AGENDA 6.00 — Doors Open 6.30 — Welcome 6.45 — Speakers 7.30 — Q&A and Dynamic Discussion 7.50 — Networking and Drinks SPEAKERS PROFILE Deborah Madelaine works for Mars incorporated as Global Senior Community Manager in the User Centricity team. Her mission is to drive a movement within the organization which vision is to have “a Mars made of bold thinkers and brave doers who are user-centric and ready for tomorrow” as part of the company wide digital transformation efforts. After just one year of existence, the movement has gathered 10,000 enthusiastic Associates. Jean-Baptiste Limare is has been driving innovation at the motor insurance company Admiral Group constituent of FTSE 100 index during the last 5 years. After having led initiatives in the sharing economy and new motors, is now leading Veygo, the new service from Admiral Group providing temporary car insurance for sharing or borrowing a car. Erik de Kroon is CEO and co-founder of Yordex, where they help businesses control spend, save up to 75% of time processing invoices and improve cash flow. Previously he has been leading teams launching new products for the payment processing company WorldPay, a global organisation with 5,000 employees and £4.5B revenue/year.

  • Data Driven Decision Making - for real

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    How do large companies and early startups alike collect data through experiments, and how have those data changed their business decisions - or should have? We will hear very practical case studies both from large organisations and startups, with Sydney Smith from Yoox/Net-a-Porter, Casey Mariel Anderson formerly at Facebook and Yin Noe from the early stage startup Coillection. The event is supported by Central Working and by Studio Zao, a boutique innovation and change agency helping organisations build the entrepreneurial capabilities to thrive for another generation. ++++ REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND THE EVENT: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/data-driven-decision-making-for-real-tickets-55401860456 The event price is set to £5 as a donation for food and drinks. PROGRAM - 6:30 pm Doors open: Snacks, soft drinks. - 6:45pm - Updates about Lean Startup Night and what's new from the Lean Startup Summit in Berlin . - 7:00 pm Speakers. Sydney Smith: The build-measure-learn loop may get interrupted by corporate blockers. Sydney works at a 4000+ person company, where this can happen a lot. She will share a few examples of trying to make data driven decisions using the “build, measure, learn” framework, taking the opportunity to explain the roadblocks encountered, the challenges of having many stakeholders involved and share tips to succeed despite/together with them. Casey Mariel Anderson: Casey will share her experience of working for a tech giant like Facebook first and then as a consultant on how data from build, measure and learn can be used to support employees of a large organisation to improve overall quality (and efficacy) of products. Yin Noe: What is the startup point of view when doing experiments? Yin will share her experience of collecting qualitative data first testing their proposition on the field to validate it. This has helped her team to shape the profiles of their target users as well as their needs while at the same time gathering insights on the actual product features. 8:00pm Lean Connect - drinks, and canvas breakdowns: Let us know when you arrive if you want to create your own Business Model Canvas on the night, or bring one with you, and receive 1:1 advice from Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark 8:30pm Networking & drinks Lean Startup London is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup London event is hosted by Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark and features panel talks, fireside chats, case studies presentations and practical exercises. SPEAKERS' BIO - Sydney Smith: I’m a product owner for the Mr Porter and Net-a-Porter apps, helping people buy luxury fashion from the comfort of their smartphones. - Casey Mariel Anderson: I'm an instructional designer formerly at Facebook. I am currently studying for my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction Design specializing in Learning Experiences. - Yin Noe: I'm Co-founder of Coillection, a social enterprise that deals with the improper disposal of waste cooking oil by households. Our pilot is establishing centralised collection points in schools at Tower Hamlets, and part of our profits will be shared with schools, making Coillection impact go beyond than just the environment.

  • Build, Measure, Learn, for real

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    +++ THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT +++ The is the first Lean Startup London event of the new year and it's themed "Build-Measure-Learn for real". We all get the theory, but when it comes to deciding which experiment to do first and how to organize it, it's difficult business. That's why for the entire event we'll dive into details of how to conduct experiments. We are excited to have Tricky Bassett and Ariel Lerner from product innovation and design Fluxx to take us through their approach and to run a practical hands-on experiment on your own business ideas. At Fluxx they run experiments with real customers to reveal problems before they’re baked into a product, it is an idea that they learned from startups - someone bootstrapping an idea from their kitchen table can’t afford to waste time or money on ideas that are unlikely to succeed. They have used this approach to re-invent retailers, test ‘banking bots’ in Dubai and even turn an insurance business into an ‘all you need for your dog’ business. The event price is set to £5 as a donation for food and drinks. You can gain free entry by publicizing the event on Social Media: details on the EventBrite Page. Program: 6:30 pm Doors open: Snacks, soft drinks. 6:45pm - Updates about Lean Startup Night and upcoming Lean Startup Summit in Berlin on 12th February. 7:00 pm Build, Measure, Learn. For Real, with Tricky Bassett and Ariel Lerner from Fluxx. Tricky and Ariel will reveal how experiments can be used to understand people's reactions to propositions and why the results won’t always be what you expect. They will also facilitate a practical session to give you the opportunity to get involved and kick-start some experiments of your own. 8:00pm Lean Connect - drinks, and canvas breakdowns: Let us know when you arrive if you want to create your own Business Model Canvas on the night, or bring one with you, and receive 1:1 advice from Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark 8:30pm Networking & drinks Lean Startup London is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup London event is hosted by Lean Startup Ambassadors Davide and Mark and features panel talks, fireside chats, case studies presentations and practical exercises. ++++ Book on eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lean-startup-london-build-measure-learn-for-real-tickets-53471878829 ++++ Speakers' bio - Tricky Basset from Design Agency Fluxx in this session Tricky will reveal how experiments can be used to understand people's reactions to technology and why the results won’t always be what you expect. - Ariel Lerner has been working at Fluxx for the past 2 and a half years, specialising in customer research. She has worked with over 25 startups through the Innovating for Growth programme at the British Library, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground.

  • Square Pegs Drinks - Corporate Entrepreneurs get-together

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    “A square peg in a round hole” is a phrase often used to describe someone within an organisation or group who does not necessarily fit with the status quo of the culture - someone who is ‘against-the-grain’. Have you ever felt like a square peg at work? We have. For being entrepreneurial at heart. ++++ REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/square-pegs-drinks-corporate-entrepreneurs-get-together-tickets-52877229216 We have been Square Pegs in large organisations for a long time. Feeling like we didn’t belong there, seeing clearly things others would ignore, suggesting approaches that rowed restlessly against the tide. Feeling frustrated due to the lack of entrepreneurial culture, the incredibly slow pace of work, the “this is not the way we do things here” unchangeable status quo. And most of the time daydreaming - or even not sleeping at all - because of that ‘great idea” taking up our focus. Square Pegs keep asking themselves: - Should I explore that business idea I have as a side-project in my spare time for now? - Or should I quit and go in search of something more creative, innovative and satisfying? - Should I stay and try to negotiate a more entrepreneurial role that would make me happier? - Now that I eventually quit, will I be in trouble? If this is you, join us to share your aspirations, your struggle, your dreams, your glory and even your pains. EVENT We bring together Square Pegs from different organisations, industries and walks of life because we believe there is value in connecting with each other and share. - We can learn from each other’s ideas, journeys and lessons. - We can meet like-minded individuals to help them with their projects and ventures. - We can help each other to figure out the right path. - Or we can just share a drink. ++++ REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/square-pegs-drinks-corporate-entrepreneurs-get-together-tickets-52877229216

  • Innovating within Established Organisations

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    These days we see “innovation” a lot. But talking about it and doing it are different things. Inspired by breakthrough examples startup successes we’ve all seen in recent years, some of us have planned, tried and sometimes succeeded in “innovating from the inside” of our organisations. But being an internal innovator, “intra”preneur, or internal founder, is not easy. Things move slowly, blockers appear that are seemingly out of our control, we might not get the sponsorship or support required, roles and boundaries can be ambiguous both in terms of what we need to achieve and who we need to work with, and often most frustratingly of all, what does success even look like? Regardless, more and more organisations recognize the need to have “startup-like” innovation capabilities. EVENT DESCRIPTION So what if there was a way to know exactly where and how to start with new ideas to get the necessary buy-in? And to do it with really low budgets? What if you and your team could be systematically entrepreneurial, working and thinking as a startup would, but adapted for a large organisation environment? "Float like a founder, sting like a startup" is a discussion and hands-on immersion for anyone interested or involved in internal innovation/entrepreneurship. You’ll hear about two internal innovation journeys and their lessons from the trenches, as well as take part in an introductory workshop to the Lean Startup Methodology to get your own ideas going first thing next morning. Sponsored by Studio Zao, a buotique agency helping large organisations develop entrepreneurial capabilities, and supported by Central Working office work spaces, is a practical journey not to be missed for any business professionals who want to explore internal/corporate entrepreneurship. ++++ BOOK ON EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/innovating-within-established-organisations-tickets-51807218786 AGENDA 18:00 - 18:05: Welcome address from Studio Zao and Central Working 18:05 - 18:30: Intrapreneurs panel: lessons from the trenches of corporate innovation and Q&A. Guest speakers: Paul Custance (former Sony Music Director, now founder at Lirica) and Shona Tatchell (former Director at Barclays and HSBC, now founder at Halotrade) 18:30 - 20:00: Workshop // Lean Startup Basic and compiling a Lean Canvas. Bring your own new business or product innovation idea to start working on it as a startup would do from tomorrow 20:00 - 21:00: Networking and Beer London’s Lean Startup co. Ambassador Davide Turi will take us through Lean Startup Basics for internal innovation, and guide you to compile a Lean Canvas - the best tool for getting entrepreneurial ideas off the ground and start working as a startup. WHO THIS IS FOR Product managers who are responsible for the evolution and performance of their own product line Product Development and R&D managers who need to drive product innovation Innovation managers who need to drive product, service and business innovation and internal culture change Employed professionals who have ideas they want to propose or to work on PRACTICAL BITS - The workshop will start at 18:00 - Bring your own laptop. In case you don't have it, you'll be provided with printed Lean Canvases templates and pens. - The event will run with minimum 5 partecipants. In case the minimum number is not reached, you will be either refunded or offered to option to join the next one. ++++ BOOK ON EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/innovating-within-established-organisations-tickets-51807218786

  • Lean Thinking: Applying Lean Now

    WeWork 2 Eastbourne Terrace

    This month's Lean Startup Night London is themed "Applying Lean Thinking" Our speakers will dive into the details of how Lean Thinking can change companies. ++++ Get your ticket on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lean-startup-night-london-applying-lean-thinking-tickets-51287212433? The event price is set to £5 as a donation for food and drinks. You can gain free entry by publicising the event on Social Media: details on the EventBrite Page Program: 6:30 pm Doors open: Pizza, soft drinks. 6:50pm - What is Lean Startup? Basic principles review with Lean Startup Ambassador Davide Turi 7:00 pm Talks and discussion around Applying Lean Thinking, - Marcus Lee from Vodafone Group will explain how the £50B+ market cap multinational telco has been using Lean Startup to validate new business models in IOT - Internet of Things innovations. - Gokhan Celebi from DelphiSonic will be the second speaker. They are pre-Series A deep tech startup using AI to prevent mechanical failures in heavy duty machinery such as trains, cargo ship etc. They will take us through their journey of how they have been using Lean Startup to progress from an incredible deep-tech innovation to market validation and raising seed funds. 8:00pm Lean Connect - drinks, and canvas breakdowns: Let us know when you arrive if you want to create your own Business Model Canvas on the night, or bring one with you, and receive 1:1 advice from our experts 8:30pm Networking - continue the conversation a bar round the corner Lean Startup Night is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup Night is hosted by our network of ambassadors and features a different panel talk, fireside chat or presentation with a mentor from the Lean Startup community and local innovation champions. Learn more about the Lean Startup Night meetup series here.

  • From Idea to Plan - using Lean Startup

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    Ever wondered what is the most efficient way to test ideas that you expect will solve a business challenge? How to prioritise them, how to demonstrate to senior managers to give you the budget to go ahead, how to fine tune execution and achieve the results you have promised? This full day interactive workshop helps you apply the Lean Startup process to your company or project and create an action plan to shortcut the prototyping and development process. +++ THIS IS A PAID FOR WORKSHOP £495, RESERVE YOUR TICKET HERE https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lean-startup-from-idea-to-plan-tickets-47357560739 AGENDA FOR THE DAY 09:30 registration and coffee 10:00 welcome and intro 10:15 Intro to Lean Startup methodology, with a case study of practical organisation in a large company for a new product launch. MVP, customer closeness, pivots, build-mesure-learn, all the key topics will be introduced with practical examples. 11:00 Compiling a Lean Canvas for your idea together, step by step. 11:45 Identifying the underlying assumptions behind the idea 12:30 Lunch will be provided, vegetarian options will be provided, please let us know of any specific dietary requirements 13:00 Ranking assumptions in class so that product manager can start prioritizing their work as entrepreneurs: "to systematically de-risk a business idea" 14:00 How to validate the riskiest assumptions for a new business idea: customer segments, early adopters, market size and customer problems, all with practical examples and case studies 15:00 Defining the most immediate next steps. Compiling test cards together, step by step, to apply the scientific approach to entrepreneurship 15:45 - Wrap-up and review of action plans 16:00 - Finish/ Departure Water, tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: This workshop is activity based working on real customer problems. It works well if a team works on the the idea from across the business - discounts for further team members are available. Working as a solo team, creates a strong action plan. All teams will leave with an action plan that can be put into practice immediately from the next day. WHO IS THIS FOR? - Startup founders - Team leaders and managers - Product owners and product managers - Executives at large companies who want to familiarize themselves with Lean Startup

  • Lean Startup basics - how to compile a Lean Canvas - October edition

    Where do you start with a new business idea? What is the right process to succeed and to avoid waste of time and money? Lean Startup is the globally recognised approach to get clarity and traction by approaching entrepreneurship in a structured and disciplined way, while de-risking business ideas systematically. This 1.5 hrs interactive and highly practical workshop guides you through the first step to kick off a startup or new business idea according to Lean Startup: compiling a Lean Canvas. +++ THIS IS A PAID FOR TRAINING EVENT (£49/attendee): please book your ticket on eventbrite here: http://bit.ly/BasicsOct Only attendees registered on eventbrite will be able to access the training WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - What is Lean Startup methodology, and what is the process to launch a successful new business by systematically de-risking your idea - How to apply Lean Startup: we will start using Lean together by applying it to your idea - How successful startups did that: learn from Dropbox, Uber, TransferWise and others - What is the most immediate next step to take to get validation for your business idea, and how to start getting ready for it. CONTENT OF THE WORKSHOP - Review of Lean Startup principles - Review of each section of a Lean Canvas using Uber as case study - Guided step by step tutorial for six main sections of the Lean Canvas, time-boxed to get maximum outcome in minimum time. Each participant will receive support and guidance by expert Lean Startup coaches - Review of next steps to validate a business idea after having compiled a Lean Canvas AGENDA - 18:00: welcome and drinks - 18:30: workshop starts - 20:00: wrap-up ---- The event is organised in collaboration with Central Working, the UK’s premier homegrown shared workspace provider, transforming the way people work and companies grow. Today CW operate from eleven beautifully designed clubs across the UK, providing thousands of businesses with the environment, connections and support they need to thrive. Members have the option of dropping-in, occupying a permanent office or using a collaborative workspace. Central Working operates as a premier service business - their service is helping your company grow, introducing you to the people and organisations that can help you succeed. Their 30 Day Guarantee offers any member their money back if we don’t provide them with at least one valuable business connection in their first month.