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What we’re about

New Orleans Lean Startup Circle is your local community to learn together and apply the best Lean Startup tips, tricks and tools. As a member group of the LARGEST and FASTEST growing lean startup circle in the world, we’ve helped thousands of founders avoid mistakes that cost time and money to build a sustainable, thriving business. 👊👊👊

Our FREE hands-on workshops help first-time or struggling founders validate key business assumptions so you achieve Market Validation within 6-12 weeks 🚀 - instead of 9 months or more it takes most founders on your own - while gaining entrepreneurial skills that last a lifetime, based on the best insights from Silicon Valley. 

Our upcoming events can be found here: 

For new members actively working on their own startup or trying to figure out the best way to get started, you should apply to the LeanMastery Startup Incubator.

Unlike other incubators or accelerators that are only interested in you pitching to investors 🤔, we help you build key business functions that turn up revenue.

We do this by providing you unlimited access to our 😎 ORIGINAL tools, guides, resources and EXPERTS. This is NOT a mash-up of online tools or free Udemy courses that you can find on your own AND this is NOT a roulette wheel of random mentors that you speed date during office hours. Instead, you get personal, direct access to dedicated experts 😘 without giving up equity.

Our process was built by working with 100s of startups. We’re constantly updating our materials and tools based on real data and feedback provided by founders on what works and what doesn’t.

🥳 You can apply to the LeanMastery Startup Incubator by clicking here:

The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.